Patrick Dempsey’s Wife is His Second Wife

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Patrick Dempsey is famous. He’s been famous for many things, but his biggest success has always been the role he played in the hit show Grey’s Anatomy. His role as McDreamy was big. He was the main character on the male side of things, and his character fell hard for the main character – Dr. Meredith Grey. His death on the show is the reason many fans quit watching. There is no coming back from that. However, the show must go on, and it did. It’s still on, though we don’t know for how much longer with Dr. Meredith Grey’s Ellen Pompeo leaving the show behind. Regardless, however, it’s that role and his amazing hair that makes Patrick Dempsey so famous. While we all know so much about Patrick Dempsey and his professional life, we know a lot less about his personal life. For example, who is Patrick Dempsey’s wife?

Patrick Dempsey’s First Marriage Caused Some Controversy

The year was 1987. Patrick Dempsey was only 21 at the time. He hoped to become a major motion picture star. He wanted to act, and he found himself a manager and began working to make things happen. He hired Rochelle Parker – she often went by Rocky. She was 48. Dempsey was 21. They got married. The marriage was not a long one. They were divorced in 1994, but there were many things said about the marriage. One such thing was the fact that Patrick Dempsey married his best friend’s mother. He’s said – many times over – that this did not happen. He was married to his first wife and met her grown son, and they became friends as a result. Their divorce was finalized in 1994, and Parker died in 2014.

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Patrick Dempsey Married His Hairdresser

Back in 1994, the same year that Patrick Dempsey’s wife Rocky became his ex-wife, he met a woman by the name of Jillian. Jillian was his hairdresser. We all know Dempsey has a head of amazing hair. While we don’t know too much about their romantic relationship at that point, we do know that this couple married in 1999. They had been dating for years prior to their marriage, but they didn’t discuss things about their personal life with the press.

It took many years for them to open up about their romantic relationship finally. When he became her client, they were both in other relationships. He was married to his first wife, and they were not in a place to make things work. Nothing happened for them until 1997, when they were both single and ready for something new. Dempsey said that Jillian was always flirting with him, and he was into it. He asked her to join him at his home for a homemade dinner, and that was that.

Patrick Dempsey’s Wife Filed for Divorce in 2015

Their 1999 wedding made Patrick Dempsey cry, as it should. Their honeymoon phase quickly turned into parenting, and their first child was born. In 2002, they welcomed their daughter, Talula. By 2007, they were welcoming a set of twins – Sullivan and Darby. They’ve been raising their kids since, and their marriage has sometimes suffered over the years. Raising kids and starting a successful makeup and skincare line, working as an A-list actor, and more was sometimes too much to bear for this couple. Patrick Dempsey’s wife felt it wasn’t something they could fix, and she filed for divorce in 2015.

While neither has discussed the personal details of their marriage that led to their split in 2015, Patrick Dempsey did say he was not ready to give up on his marriage. They made the decision to seek couples counseling nearly a year after the fact. They didn’t want to give up on their marriage. The couple wanted to make it work, and they wanted to be good role models for their kids. Dempsey was very open about the fact that he learned a lot through that time. His issue was that he focused too much time on too many things at once. He realized you could only be really good at one thing at a time. He chose to stop spending so much time racing his hobby cars and focus on his marriage, and it’s worked.

Credit: @patrickdempsey

Patrick Dempsey’s Wife is Happy

Nearly eight years after filing for divorce, this is one happy couple. Their time spent working on their marriage was well-spent. They learned to communicate more effectively. These two learned to ensure their life was spent focused on the right things rather than all the wrong ones. They were able to put aside their differences and focus on what made them happy rather than what wasn’t working. They are now better than ever, and it’s been worthwhile.

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