Of Course Henry Cavill is Coming Back as Superman

It’s a little telling to realize that it’s been since 2013 that Superman has had a solo movie, but if all the rumors are true it would appear that Henry Cavill will be making his way back to the big screen at some point and will be putting the outfit on once again. As Ryan Scott of MovieWeb appears to say in a roundabout way though it’s looking as though the man of steel is going to be treated kind of like the Hulk in the MCU, being given one movie of his own only to show up prominently in other movies afterwards. That almost feels like a slight to Cavill and the character, but it’s a chance for him to return all the same, even if some people are already starting to wonder if that’s the best idea. Others would argue that of course it’s a good idea, since Superman is basically DC’s golden boy and not having him there has been an obvious gap that the success of other movies doesn’t really erase, even if movies such as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam have been keeping DC alive and moving firmly forward. It’s strange to think of Superman as more of a bit player, but it’s a little too obvious that taking on his own movie hasn’t been the priority in recent years, even if Man of Steel 2 is a desire of many fans.

This could have something to do with how Superman’s story has been presented however, since in Man of Steel he became more of a brooding and less than social individual that was a transient constantly on the move. Such a different look at this superhero did create a different image for him, but it might have also been the reason why a lot of people were torn about how great the movie really was. So far in the DCEU, Superman doesn’t have the greatest track record, even if he’s still a desired character, which he is. From Man of Steel to Dawn of Justice and especially to the horrible CGI mess in Justice League it’s hard to say that he’s been entirely effective as of yet. There are likely a lot of people that would argue this point but there are plenty that would claim that he hasn’t quite his stride as of yet, though he might soon enough. In all fairness really Henry Cavill does bring a very convincing look to the character and another attempt could be worthwhile, but it does sound as though he’s going to be showing up in other movies before he gets his second run at a solo outing. This isn’t a bad thing really as it does mean he’ll be showing up again, but it might be DC’s way of attempting to test the waters before really pushing the next Superman movie before people are ready, or it could be seeing if folks are still on board with Cavill taking the part once again.

That last part doesn’t appear to be the issue, but thinking about what to do now that things have been pushed so far forward without having to change up the story in any way might be a little difficult. With Superman it’s hard to say really since he’s one of the more popular stories in the DC universe and one that a lot of people have been wanting to see again even as Batman and other heroes have stepped into the spotlight. From a different perspective it might have been wise to keep Superman off the big screen for a while, at least when it came to his own story, but as part of the larger DC universe it’s very likely that people are going to be excited to see Cavill again, especially since for a while it sounded as though DC was thinking of replacing him at some point. There have been a few guys that have donned the suit in the past few decades, but at this time Cavill is really the most convincing whether some fans like it or not since he does have the build, the look, and if he’s given dialogue that actually works it could be that he’ll go down in history as one of the more popular Superman actors at one point. Bringing him back just makes sense, but finding a way to get people to really enjoy the character again is bound to take some work since the last couple of movies he’s shown up in have been incredibly divisive when it comes to the fans. Adam Holmes of CinemaBlend had more to say on this subject. Maybe in Man of Steel 2 a story line will be created that will bring in yet another popular Superman enemy, but until DC manages to get things right it’s likely MoS 2 won’t be high on the list of priorities just yet.

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