No Female Action Leads? Has Jennifer Lawrence Ever Seen an Action Movie?

Someone might need to sit Jennifer Lawrence down in front of a TV and pick out a long list of action movies featuring female leads to give her a bit of perspective. During a sit-down with fellow actress Viola Davis, during which the two of them explored their ideas on acting and were heard to give each other comments back and forth, as one might expect, J-Law actually let it slip that there were apparently no female leads in action movies until the year 2012, which is odd since when one thinks about it, particularly if they were alive in the 70s and 80s and onward, the statement is about as accurate as a flat earther stating that we sit at the center of the known galaxy. It’s about as egocentric as well, even if Lawrence didn’t mean it that way, which is likely the explanation she and Variety, who released the video, would give when pressed about the matter. But it’s fair to say that she’s being roasted for her words at this time since not only did she have a massive blonde moment (yes, I said it), but she appears to have forgotten about the many strong female leads that came before her and made it possible for women to be seen in a leading role in an action movie, thereby making it possible for her and many others to enjoy the spot at the top fully, and whatever other benefits might come from that. 

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Those who want to defend Jennifer will no doubt throw her awards in the mix to make it clear that she deserves to say such things. Nice try

Sure she’s won awards. Sure, she’s won acclaim, she’s pretty and knows how to pretend like many other actors, and she has the gall to state that she’s self-educated and acts like she’s one of the wisest people in show business. The truth is that Jennifer Lawrence is like many other individuals in show business that pretend to know a great deal about the world but haven’t done enough outside of their chosen profession to mind what they’re saying at all times. The fact that she had the audacity to state that she was the first female lead in action movies proves this point. Calling her names and questioning her intelligence is easy, but trying to understand why people still think that she’s one of the greatest actresses in the business is becoming harder each year, especially when she opens her mouth and allows stuff like this to spill out. 

Women were starring as action leads before Jennifer was even born, so it might be wise of her to issue an apology, half-hearted as it would no doubt be

It’s easy to think that there will be no apology from Jennifer or from Variety since admitting that Lawrence was and still is wrong isn’t going to happen. Actors can do and say no wrong, didn’t you know? But it’s easy to think that Sigourney Weaver, Linda Hamilton, Mill Jovovich, and many others would have something to say about this if asked. Or maybe they wouldn’t since supporting their fellow actress might be the day’s trend, considering that actors tend to get away with a lot when it comes to the things they say and do. Even the fans appear to be forgiving quite often since they realize that they’re going to watch whatever the maligned actress is going to come out next and don’t want to sound like hypocrites. 

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At the very least, she might need to study up on her film history to make sure that another gaffe like this doesn’t happen in the future since this moment is currently being cast in the bedrock of the internet where so many other moments have been captured. 

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