Jennifer Lawrence on Finding Herself After Losing Herself

Jennifer Lawrence on Finding Herself After Losing Herself
Jennifer Lawrence on Finding Herself After Losing Herself

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In the midst of our successes, it’s easy to become lost. You’re living your dream. Everything you ever wanted is right there for you to have, and it’s in the palm of your hand. But you’re still not satisfied. You want more. It’s not what you thought. You’re too busy, and you miss your freedom. You’re making sacrifices you never thought you’d make. Nothing is what you thought, and you don’t know where you stand in the moment.

Jennifer Lawrence knows this feeling all too well. She was Katniss Everdeen – star of the Hunger Games. She was the most famous actress in the world. She was making millions of dollars, she was the most famous, she was beautiful and in control, and everyone loved her. But nothing felt right. What did Jennifer Lawrence have to be upset about?

Jennifer Lawrence Opens Up

“I think I lost a sense of control. Between The Hunger Games coming out and winning the Oscar, I became such a commodity that I felt like every decision was a big, big group decision. When I reflect now, I can’t think of those following years. Because there was just a loss of control,” she said of her sudden rise to success. She doesn’t look back on that time and feels good about a lot of things. She’s grateful and appreciative of the experiences and the way that her career worked out for her, but she is not proud of herself for losing herself and her control and for not speaking up about her feelings at the moment.

At the end of the day, she was no longer making her own life decisions. She was allowing other people to make her decisions. They were in control. They were the ones making the choices, doing the things, and being in control. She lost every sense of everything she thought was important in her own life, and that was a mess for her. Though she’s regained that control over the past few years, she does not feel good about that time in her life.

Jennifer Lawrence on Finding Herself After Losing Herself

Credit: Causeway

Jennifer Lawrence’s Life is Looking Up

When you lose control of your own life, finding peace and happiness in it can be a mess. It is not always easy. It is not always calm. It is not always anything. But, it is something unique and interesting. Right now, the actress is doing a little bit more for herself and for her own life, and she’s appreciative. Things are changing for her. She’s working on projects with people she loves. She’s working on things she feels good about. She’s also ruled out anything that involves working on any type of trilogy or sequel, or franchise – though she may change her mind about that any time she feels the need.

She’s a New Mom

Jennifer Lawrence turned 32 in 2022, and she is living her best life. She is a married woman with a brand new baby of her own. She met her husband, Cooke Maroney, in 2018. He is the director of an art gallery. They became engaged in February 2019, and they were in a hurry to get married. They did not do the long engagement thing. They were married in October 2019, and they were so excited to get started on their life as husband and wife. The lovely couple waited a few years to expand their family. They welcomed their first and only baby, a little boy named Cy, in February of 2022.

She’s Been Through So Much

She starred in so many movies and so many different things for so long that she lost track of herself. She went through the highest of highs while also going through the lowest of lows. At the height of her career, she was hacked – along with many other celebrities – and many very personal things were stolen from her private devices. This includes nude photos of herself that were then shared across the internet. She was violated in this heinous sex crime, and it took a toll. She took those photos for her long-term boyfriend, and she expressed her disappointment in the people who viewed them, too. She did not, however, sue Apple along with some of the other celebrities who were hacked. She simply said she was disappointed that someone would do this, and she was even more disappointed that other people would take the time to view the photos and become accessories to the fact.

Jennifer Lawrence on Finding Herself After Losing Herself

Credit: The Hunger Games

Now in her early 30s, Jennifer Lawrence is a woman who is more sure of herself. She is more in control of her own life, and she is doing big things. She’s present as a mother and a wife, and she is doing a lot to protect herself and her peace. She’s in control, and she won’t lose that again.

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