Nicolas Cage Wants Marvel To Make An R-Rated Ghost Rider Movie

Nicolas Cage Wants Marvel To Make An R-Rated Ghost Rider Movie

It sounds like Nicolas Cage wants Marvel to really put some thought into making an R-rated Ghost Rider movie. With the advent of Logan and Deadpool it would seem that some of the more violent Marvel comics are being looked at by fans in a different light. One thing about those heroes however is that they both did and said things that weren’t all that nice, which made the idea of giving them an R rating a lot more appealing. Ghost Rider has never really been all that foul-mouthed, though Johnny Blaze has certainly let a few expletives fly in his day. However, when it comes to violence, the Ghost Rider was never the most docile hero in the comics.

His penance stare isn’t the most violent thing about him, but his chain is capable of burning through and destroying just about anything it touches, plus his very touch is imbued with the kind of hellfire that can burn through many substances quite easily. More than any of this however is the admission by Dr. Strange during the World War Hulk series alluding to Ghost Rider being among the most powerful of all individuals in the Marvel Universe. The Rider has been the devil’s bounty hunter, but has also been alluded to being a fallen angel, which was shown in the second movie featuring Cage. That one bombed horribly, but the idea was intense and quite interesting. The Rider though has been able to take on opponents as strong as the Hulk and still walk away, or ride way, virtually unscathed. The only thing keeping the Rider’s full power in check at any given time is the fact that he kind of needs a human host. This was shown in the comics when the Ghost Rider was a much more vicious individual and was bonded to Johnny Blaze.

Without the human aspect, or his host in other words, the Rider seems to weaken, but without the human component however he’s also left unchecked in the power department. That human host, the guiding consciousness, is what keeps the Rider at bay and denies him his true level of power somehow. But in the fight against the Hulk during the World War Hulk series the Ghost Rider’s host was knocked out of the equation for the time being, and the seemingly limitless power of the Rider came forth in a gout of hellfire that just barely phased the Hulk. The only problem was the the Rider didn’t look at all ready to back down, until it was realized by the reader that the main principle of the Ghost Rider is that he only punishes the innocent, and in World War Hulk, the Hulk was the one that had been wronged, and was taking his vengeance.

An R-rated Ghost Rider would be insanely destructive, very bloody, and filled with the kind of action violence that would justify the rating. In short, it would be a blast to see. After the last outing with the Rider though a lot of people might be kind of leery of seeing another film.

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