Is 47 Meters Down the Best Shark Film Since Jaws?

Is 47 Meters Down the Best Shark Film Since Jaws?

It’s difficult to really top the classics sometimes. After all, the greatest cinema of all time has but one chance to make an impression with each generation so that it might be remembered for years to come. In the case of shark movies there have been many that have come and gone and only been flash in the pan successes that people can just barely remember. From hits such as Deep Blue Sea, Sharknado, and even the more recent film The Shallows, sharks have been a classic villain in Hollywood films for many decades now.

Why Are Shark Movies Popular?

People love a good scare, and being stuck in open water with one of nature’s perfect predators is perhaps one of the scariest things imaginable. Imagine attempting to elude a shark in their own element, where you have few if any ways to defend yourself, and cannot hope to outrun them. This type of fear is what gets the adrenaline pumping and the heart seeking to burst from a person’s chest as they realize the utter hopelessness that can be experienced in such a situation. Add to that the fear of being stuck on the bottom of the sea with only a set of iron bars separating you and certain death and the fear only intensifies.

47 Meters Down looks primed to do what Jaws did back in its time, though it has a lot to live up to. In its own time, Jaws was was such a revolutionary and new idea that it actually made people afraid to go back into the water. The overwhelming fear of great white sharks actually led people to start hunting the massive fish to the point that their numbers began to seriously dwindle as the years went on. This however is the dark side of what happened after that iconic film.

This new attempt at fear is a very different look into the realms of the deep as it explores the idea of humans entering shark-infested water to gain a bit of a thrill. There is no other reason for the two leading women to be trekking into the darkness below than to bring a little excitement to their lives. This might seem a bit naive and even foolish to the casual observer, but in horror movie lore it is the perfect setup for the kind of terror that is about to be experienced. Two young women, dark environment, obvious danger all around, and a plot line that isn’t too complicated but is enough to get viewers antsy for what might soon happen. The best part is that the viewer knows what’s going to happen, they expect it, and yet most will still jump out of their seats when it does.


47 Meters Down has a lot to live up to in terms of horror movies and shark movies, but there is a good chance that it will excite and entertain viewers due to its improved special effects and simple story line. With too much plot and buildup the story tends to fade out and become quite boring, but this film promises a wild ride that will leave pulses pounding and hearts skipping a beat with every frightening reveal.


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