Every Time Elon Musk Appeared In A Movie Or Television Show

Every Time Elon Musk Appeared In A Movie Or Television Show

Every Time Elon Musk Appeared In A Movie Or Television Show

Now the CEO of Twitter, CEO and chief engineer of SpaceX, and CEO and product architect of Tesla, Inc., Elon Musk is pretty much the talk of the party. Born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, Elon Musk moved to Canada when he was seventeen, prior to making a move to the United States. In 1995, he was set to attend Stanford University but made a choice to pursue business instead.

Through the years, Musk has been credited with growing multi-million dollar businesses, including Zip2, PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company, to name but a few. As of 2022, Forbes places Musk’s net worth at $244 billion, making him the world’s wealthiest entrepreneur. Given his influence, Musk has stirred conversations both on mainstream platforms and social media and continues to appear and be referenced in the world of film and television.

Interestingly enough, Musk even made several movie and TV show cameo in his career. Here are some of the most legendary ones.

1. ‘ Iron Man 2’

In 2010, Elon Musk made a brief yet interesting cameo in Iron Man 2. In the scene, Tony Stark ( Robert Downey Jr.) comes to an event in the company of Pepper Potts ( Gwyneth Paltrow). “ Whatever happens in the next twenty minutes, just go with it,” He tells her.

Stark immediately catches the eye of a photographer and goes on to tell Potts to smile for the photo. When Stark is told he has a dinner reservation for nine-thirty, he says he will come at eleven. Pepper is the first one to see Elon Musk and proceeds to greet him. Stark follows suit and says hi to Elon Musk briefly while Elon tells him about his idea for an electric jet.

2. ‘South Park’

Elon Musk appearing in South Park

When you appear on South Park, that’s when you know you’ve made it! And Elon Musk certainly did. He even gave voice in three episodes: Season 20 Episode 8, Season 20 Episode 9, and Season 20 Episode 10.

He first appeared in season 18 but was voiced by Matt Stone when he participated in the Wacky Races with his Tesla, of course. But in season 20, it was really Elon Musk who gave his voice to the show when he gave a tour of the SpaceX building.

3. ‘The Big Bang Theory’

On The Big Bang Theory, Elon Musk nearly gave Howard Wolowitz ( Simon Helberg) a heart attack. Wolowitz was helping with Thanksgiving dinner at a shelter when Musk showed up. “ What are you…doing here?” A shaken Wolowitz asked, to which Musk replied that he was washing dishes. He was on the turkey line but happened to be demoted for being too generous with the gravy. “ What an honor to meet you. I’m such a fan…Tesla and SpaceX, all your companies.” Howard declared. He was completely star-struck, going as far as saying he wanted Musk to adopt him. As soon as Elon asked Wolowitz whether he’d get back to space, he thought that was a job offer. Elon offered to stay in touch instead.

4. ‘Young Sheldon’

Sheldon Cooper isn’t always one to mince his words. This was proven when a NASA engineer paid a visit to his class. Sheldon had an idea about VTVL technology, but the NASA engineer wasn’t buying it. He tried to prove him wrong and went to great extents to do it. Sheldon required a computer to do his calculations, and when he sent them to NASA, the space facility was mute. George ( Montana Jordan) drove the family to the Johnson Space Centre in support of Sheldon. During the visit, they discovered that Sheldon was in fact ahead of his time because his ideas could not be implemented then. Years later, a successful space mission happened, and Elon Musk happened to be reading from Sheldon’s notes.

5. ‘Machete Kills’

Elon Musk in Machete Kills

Another interesting cameo that Elon Musk had was in the movie Machete Kills. Machete Kills is a sequel to the action film Machete. Elon’s character in the movie says goodbye to Machete at the end as boards the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and starts a journey to a Station in Earth’s orbit. This movie wasn’t such a success, but people loved Musk’s brief cameo.

6. ‘The Simpsons’

While he did not appear on The Simpsons per se, Elon Musk was mentioned on an episode of the show. Homer (Dan Castellaneta) happened to have a not-too-great encounter with a bald eagle. When he eventually caught it and was ready to get rid of it ( the oven had been preheated by Marge), he chose to set it free after all at the insistence of Lisa ( Yeardley Smith).“ Or maybe we can nurse him back to health and set it free in the wild,” Lisa told her father.

But Homer released the bird was consumed by fire from a rocket. As the Rocket came to a halt, Elon Musk came out of it. Lisa called him the greatest living inventor, prompting Homer to bow down to ‘the man who put wheels on luggage.” And there was Musk, who was on a mission to travel the country in his spaceship and find inspiration for his new inventions.

7. ‘Rick And Morty’

Just like the real-life Elon Musk is a master of invention, on Rick and Morty, a variant of the real-life Elon Musk came to life. His name: Elon Tusk. Elon Tusk was thought to be a less authoritative version of Elon Musk, whose signature tusks birthed the company, Tuskla. “ This is a team operation, and regular Elon can be a little bit controlling,” Rick ( Justin Rolland) said of the real-life Elon Musk. Rick needed Elon Tusk to be part of a non-plan. In Rick’s eyes, a blueprint was a complete waste of time, and whatever mission he needed had to start randomly. He chose a random team that included a blacksmith and proceeded to “wait until we’re not ready.” His mission ended with Elon being pushed back to his reality.

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