10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nick Uhlenhuth

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nick Uhlenhuth

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nick Uhlenhuth

Now that season three of The Circle has officially been released on Netflix, viewers are looking forward to seeing how the latest group of competitors plays the game. Nick Uhlenhuth came on the show ready to do what it takes to make it to the end. He is hoping that when it’s all said and done, he’ll be going home with $100,000. Although The Circle is one of the most unpredictable competition shows, Nick feels pretty good about his chances of winning. Of course, we’ll have to tune in to see how things go for him, but there are already a lot of people who are in his corner and hoping for the best. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Nick Uhlenhuth.

1. He’s From Kentucky

One of the things that makes The Circle interesting is the fact that the cast members come from all over the country. Nick is originally from the Louisville, Kentucky area and he comes from a pretty close family. He is very proud of his roots, but these days he resides in Austin, Texas. At one point in time, it appears that he also lived in Seattle.

2. He’s A Drummer

Nick is truly a man of many talents. Unfortunately, we probably won’t be able to see them all during his time on The Circle. Music is one of the things he’s good and he’s also very passionate about it. Nick is a very talented drummer and he also likes to sing. At one point, he even taught drum lessons.

3. He Studied Computer Science

Nick isn’t just a handsome face, he also has the brains to back it up. Nick attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he graduated in 2016 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. While in college, he also got the chance to travel to Barcelona to teach local high school students.

4. He’s A Pet Parent

As far as we can tell, Nick is single and doesn’t have any children. However, he’s still found a way to experience the joys of fatherhood. He is a very proud dog dad and his fur baby, Murphy, has his very own Instagram account. Sadly, Nick’s previous pup passed away at the end of 2020.

5. He Used To Work For Microsoft

Since graduating from college, Nick has gotten the opportunity to put his computer science degree to good use. In 2015, he got an internship with Microsoft and he went on to work for the company for more than five years. He currently works for a fitness company called F45 Training as a senior product manager.

6. He Has An Account On Cameo

Nick is definitely doing what he can to take advantage of his time in the spotlight. He created a Cameo account where he records and sells personalized video shoutouts. He currently charges $20 for videos for individual use and $100 for businesses who want to use the video for marketing purposes.

7. He Hosts A Podcast

The Circle isn’t the only place where you can get a good dose of Nick. He is the co-host of a podcast called Stars and Swipes Podcast which is all about how to navigate the dating world. He and his co-host, Michaela, actually matched on a dating app. Unfortunately, they haven’t posted a new episode in a few months.

8. He Was A Lacrosse Coach

Remember when I mentioned that Nick is a multi-talented kind of guy? I wasn’t joking. On top of being smart and musically inclined, Nick also has an athletic side and he was a member of his high school’s lacrosse team. According to his LinkedIn profile, Nick spent a little more than three years coaching lacrosse at the Redman Lacrosse Club. The fact that he comes from a competitive background could really work in his favor while he’s on The Circle.

9. He’s An Aspiring Actor

From what we can tell, The Circle is Nick’s first TV credit, but he’s probably hoping that it won’t be his last. We located a page for him on Backstage which listed him as an actor and a model. Now that he’s gotten his foot in the door in the entertainment industry, he will probably be on the lookout for other opportunities.

10. He Loves Spending Time Outdoors

Staying active is an important part of Nick’s life, and what better place to be active than outside? When Nick has free time, he loves to spend it outdoors enjoying the beauty of nature. Whether he’s going for a hike, riding his bike, or simply walking his dog, Nick really enjoys the great outdoors.dog

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