New York City Bars are Now Making Tide Bar Shots

New York City Bars are Now Making Tide Bar Shots

New York City Bars are Now Making Tide Bar Shots

New York City bars have decided to get in on the Tide pod challenge and are now make Tide shots to commemorate what has become one of the most insane things to ever hit the internet. A great many bars have taken this shot on and made it their own, proving that trends do move quicker than the speed of light at times and are just as inane as the things that start them. One thing is certain however and it’s a very good thing at that, these Tide shots you can at least drink without any fear of risking your health, unless you drink too many of course.

The Tide Pod Challenge has become one of the most well known and insane challenges to ever come across the internet and it has a lot of people shaking their heads as they wonder what is wrong with people today and if this is the direction the population is slowly but surely going in. If that was the case then humanity might not last for more than a handful of generations following the current ones that are coming into adolescence and adulthood. Thankfully it’s not that bad but the idea to eat a ball of detergent is perhaps one of the dumbest things anyone could possibly think of, and this is following the ice challenge and many, many other harebrained trends that people have come up with as of late.

While a lot of the challenges presented have risked life and limb this is still one of the absolute worst since it involves ingesting something that is used to clean the nastiest stains off of clothing and as a result is highly caustic to anything that’s not fabric. Just imagine what would happen if you started popping Tide pods like they were fruit snacks. I’m not even sure how you’d get past the taste and not vomit on the spot, but apparently some folks have done it and lived to tell the tale. At least with these shots you can take a couple and still feel fine in the morning without calling poison control. I seriously wonder about people these days when stuff like this starts hitting the news.

Does anyone remember what their parents might have done back in the day if we were caught thinking that the laundry detergent looked tasty? It might not be a great example but some of us might have gotten our butts tanned or at least received a well-meaning Gibbs smack up the back of our heads. Is that the problem these days? Since we can’t resort to violence even out of concern for our kids, is this why they’re actively trying to harm themselves under the auspices of having fun? That’s a scary though right there to be honest.

Personally I’d rather get a little sick after imbibing one too many Tide shots than ever let one of those pods slip between my teeth. But that’s me, I’m kind of old fashioned in how I poison myself I guess.

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