Rihanna Causes Snapchat Stock to Take a Hefty Dip

Sometimes you might figure it’s the celebrity doing something ill-advised that causes stock in something like Snapchat to take a dip, but this time it was Snapchat itself that did something that Rihanna managed to call them out on. If you can believe this the company allowed an ad for the Would You Rather game to run that was less than intelligent when it came to insulting a couple of well known stars, one of whom was Rihanna. The ad went “would you rather  slap Rihanna or punch her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who violently assaulted her in 2009.”. It’s no joke, that was the ad, and that’s why Rihanna called them out by saying “I’d love to call it ignorance, but I know you ain’t that dumb!”. Snapchat’s stock dropped by a good five percent after that and the company quickly issued an apology to Rihanna and to the many people that had seen it, stating that it was a terrible mistake.

Yeah, a terrible ‘mistake’. How is it that people who get caught doing these things are only sorry after the fact? There’s not a lot that can be done to punish Snapchat as the five percent drop in their stock kind of made them sit up and realize they’d played the part of the fool. While what happened between Rihanna and her ex Chris Brown was horrible it wasn’t worth going after her even in jest. Some things you just don’t joke about unless you happen to know your audience, and quite honestly it seems like Snapchat overplayed their hand without bothering to see just what they were holding. Yeah, Chris Brown was in the wrong when it came to the altercation between himself and Rihanna, and he probably should have received a much harsher punishment than he received. Well honestly he should have, there’s no ‘probably’ about it. But what happened has already happened and bringing this up in a game app was one of the worst ideas possible.

Reminding people of the fact is bad enough, but making a joke out of it for the sake of a game is more than just poor taste, it’s infuriatingly bad judgment by whoever was at the helm while creating this ill-timed mistake. Something like is when people need to have those second thoughts first so that they don’t end up tussling with the wrong person that could possibly put a dent in their wallet for the trouble. Rihanna has already proven in the past that she’s not the kind of person to mess with if you’re really feeling froggy, but it seems that Snapchat just had to push the envelope and see how things would turn out once they decided to go that far. Is this the right time for a sardonic golf clap in the style of Men at Work? I think so honestly since Snapchat just pulled one of the all-time bonehead moves of the year.

You don’t mess with Rihanna people, you just don’t do it.

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