The New “Johnny English” Trailer is Here and It’s Very Johnny English

Never underestimate the power of Johnny English. We know that now considering that the 2003 film has not one but two follow up films. The trailer for the next Johnny English installment, Johnny English Strikes Again, has just been released, and we have to admit that we gave it a few chuckles here and there. It’s really difficult not to like Rowan Atkinson, with him being Mr. Bean and all. But there’s only so much Atkinson we can take in one sitting. This trailer was just enough to tickle our fancy without getting us too annoyed; but then again, here comes another confession.

The Johnny English franchise is actually a decent family-friendly film. It sure got a laugh out of us. The second Johnny English was the same, and this third one is looking much like the others. In the trailer, we see English being pulled out of superspy retirement. It seemed that he had become a teacher of some sort and was a little too eager to get back into the game. Apparently, there’s been a breach in British Intelligence and the identities of all the British spies have been compromised. The only one who could help is the only person that can’t do the job right–Johnny English of course.

We know that the plot is the most unoriginal story there could ever be. We also know that Johnny English will get the job done in the end no matter how incompetent he actually is. We know that the movie will be full of clichés and overdone things. But somehow, we also know that Johnny English will be funny in more ways than we really care to admit, so we’re looking forward to watching this film. We might even watch the trailer again to remind ourselves how shallow our joys can truly be. There’s absolutely no shame in that, and we’re not ashamed to admit that we’re fans of the British spy.

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