The Toughest Female Movie Characters of 2017 So Far

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman 2017

Women are coming out in film in a big way lately and it is simply awesome to watch. They’re tougher than men in some cases and are no joke when they hit the scene. In terms of toughness we’re going to look at physicality in this regard, as when it comes to emotional toughness women have obviously shown that they can match and even surpass men. Mental toughness is another matter as they have shown their superiority here as well. But physical toughness is something that is just impressive to watch, especially when the women in question are so much smaller than the men they’re fighting. These kind of films just prove however that size isn’t everything.

These are the kind of women you really don’t want to risk offending.

Lorraine Broughton – Atomic Blonde

Although it’s not out in theaters yet the trailers for this film make it look simply awesome. Charlize Theron is no stranger to action films and it shows quite nicely in this action-packed movie. It’s bound to excite and show a great deal of Theron beating the living hell out of her enemies, and that’s why a lot of us will go see it.

Laura – Logan

Yes she’s a little girl. But she’s also a little girl that was raised to be a killer, with an adamantium skeleton and a healing factor on par with the man that was responsible for her genetic inheritance. So really, calling her “just” a little girl is about as egregious a mistake as thinking she’s anywhere as innocent as she looks. Laura might be a kid but she’s far from helpless, and easily beats out a lot of competitors for this spot.

Gamorra – Guardians of the Galaxy

She doesn’t have any special abilities save for the fact that she is the deadliest woman in the galaxy, as she’s always being labeled as. That claim isn’t unfounded considering her long and violent history. She’s been known, in the comics, to take on heroes and villains several times her mass and size and actually win. Also, take into account that she was raised and trained by the main villain in the MCU, Thanos, and it’s really no wonder why she’s so dangerous.

Diana – Wonder Woman

We’ve jumped into another level of tough here. Diana was the product of a god and an Amazonian warrior, so she’s tough on a genetic level. When she goes against her brother Ares however, who’s all god, she still has a bit of a struggle until she realizes that she’s the weapon, and as such is easily able to overpower the would be conqueror. Diana was created to be something great, so it’s easy to put her at this spot on the list.

Ahmanet – The Mummy

There’s only one reason why Ahmanet bumps her way past Wonder Woman. She is the personification of evil. Diana has taken on a lot of big bads in her life, but Ahmanet is something entirely different. Her strength, speed, and power is on par with the gods, and she has no compunction about killing unlike Wonder Woman. This is what makes her that much tougher, and that much more dangerous.


Women aren’t pushovers in films and haven’t been for some time. Those women listed here are about as impressive as anyone in the fictional world, and have earned a rightful place as some of the toughest characters on screen.

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