The Netflix MCU Characters Of Everyday Life (Comic)

The Netflix MCU Characters Of Everyday Life (Comic)

The Netflix MCU Characters Of Everyday Life (Comic)

One thing I can say about Dorkly is that they seem to have the MCU characters on lock when it comes to describing them as everyday characters in real life. So far the shows featured on Netflix have managed to bring a different look to each of the heroes from the MCU and make them a lot more realistic in terms of how they deal with people around them and any situations that arise. There’s less hard-charging into battle and more introspection as might happen with a real person. The costumes have also been toned down quite a bit which is great when you consider that running around in tight-fitting spandex might not be so feasible in the middle of battle. It might work for Deadpool but for those in the MCU they need something a little more tactical and less form-fitting. Daredevil is actually the only guy that wears any kind of suit and even his looks a little more comfortable than it might have been in the comics.

The heroes are definitely being given an overhaul in their look and how they act.

The Punisher is that super-intense guy that you don’t want to upset but you also know that you could count on to do the right thing, even if it means crippling or killing the bad guys that are doing bad things. He’s not the kind of guy you want to hang out with, but he’s useful in a fight and knows his way around his weapons.

Jessica Jones used to be a pleasant person until someone really messed her up inside. Now she’s edgy, snarky, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her. The best part of her day seems to be when she cracks a bottle and gets to work. She’s got a soft side, you just aren’t likely to see it unless she lets you in.

Luke Cage is the nice guy that looks like he could twist you up into a pretzel. Odds are he probably could but if he likes you he’s too nice to ever think about hurting anyone that hasn’t caused him any problems. He knows how to get mean when he has to but otherwise he’s a decent guy.

Daredevil is the kind of guy that you just want to have fun with even though you can tell somehow that he’s tortured inside. He’ll put on a brave mask and assure you that he’s fine and become your best friend. In fact you might say that he’s the best friend that you’ll have and the only one that you’ll measure everyone else by.

Iron Fist means well but he’s every bit the entitled kid that doesn’t know when to back down or when to shut his mouth. He overestimates his own talent so much that it causes him to underestimate everyone else. That’s a dangerous proposition as he’s found out since there are those out there that are just as tough, if not tougher, than he is.

I don’t know as I would agree with the estimations of Kingpin and Kilgrave, but Elektra is definitely the crazy woman that people need to stay away from, and Claire is the poor individual kind of stuck in the middle of it all.

All in all the MCU has been doing a great job with its characters thus far.

Comic via Dorkly

The Netflix MCU Characters Of Everyday Life (Comic)

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