Five Marvel Heroes Who Would Totally Destroy Superman

In a battle of the insanely over-powered heroes in the DC and Marvel universes Superman has almost always had an edge thanks to his writers. To be fair so have the heroes of the Marvel universe. But thankfully both sides have seen reason and have instilled a few very key weaknesses in their characters to even things out. After all, if the superheroes had no limits whatsoever the story would get a little boring after a while. But in terms of Superman vs. the Marvel universe you might be surprised at who would be able to take him out.

So who can take on the man of steel and not just walk away, but leave him humbled in the dust?

The Dark Phoenix

You might be rolling your eyes on this one thinking that Jean Grey, good or bad, wouldn’t stand a chance against the man of steel. In terms of physicality you’d be right. But here’s the trick, as strong as he and as smart as he might be, Superman’s mind is not a steel-walled trap. He’s especially vulnerable to psychic attacks and has been enthralled by the likes of Poison Ivy, POISON IVY people. A woman that’s powerful in her own right, she’s still not on part with the Dark Phoenix. Jean Grey in her devastating persona would wipe the floor with Supes with just a flicker of her will. He’d be a drooling mess and might not even notice as Jean plucked him apart atom by atom.

The Hulk

Yes, yes, yes. It’s been a debate now since Superman wiped the floor with Hulk why the green goliath should even be allowed a spot on a list like this. Simple, Superman has evolved, and so has the Hulk. Superman has gotten a little more vicious in the past few years, the Hulk has gotten flat out horrifying. Both of them can destroy entire planets, and both can wreak havoc on celestial beings. But who will go megaton at the drop of a hat and break Superman into tiny pieces just out of spite? Yep, the Hulk will beat Superman with ease when it comes to sheer savagery, and the mere fact that the angrier he gets the stronger he gets doesn’t allow a cap to be placed on a guy that could possibly take down a god.

The Sentry

Despite being a new character he has powers on par and even surpassing Superman. His strength alone could bring Superman to his knees, and if he allowed his darker half out there’s no telling how long Supes would last. The Void is not the hero that the Sentry is, and should his darker alter ego come to the fore, then Superman has no chance. Oh, and Sentry is a powerful telepath, so Superman wouldn’t even get the chance to raise a hand if Sentry didn’t allow it.

Dr. Strange

Superman is vulnerable to magic. Guess who employs magic as his primary mode of attack? That’s right, the sorcerer supreme . Not only is he highly intelligent, but he wields the type of power that Superman has little to no defense against. With his mastery over the arcane Dr. Strange would be able to shut down Superman coming before the Kryptonian even knew what universe he was in. Game over in a few seconds.

Silver Surfer

There’s simply too much to be said as to how the Silver Surfer could beat Superman. He doesn’t just draw from a sun for power, he draws from the very force that runs the universe. He’d be able to hear Superman from a light year away and begin planning his attack without worrying over whether the man of steel would be able to counter it. The Surfer would shut Superman down with barely any effort, and even quicker if he denied Superman access to a yellow sun, which is entirely possible.

At this point such battles are a lot of conjecture and theory, but it’s reasonable to believe that Superman is no longer the epitome of the modern day superhero. Sorry Kal-El, your days at the top have come and gone.

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