Netflix Lures Away Ryan Murphy from Fox in Huge $300 Million Deal

Netflix Lures Away Ryan Murphy from Fox in Huge $300 Million Deal

Netflix has succeeded in luring hit-making producer Ryan Murphy away from his current place at 21st Century Fox. This can be seen as a big win for the streaming giant and Murphy isn’t coming off looking too shabby, either. This five-year deal is reported to be worth three hundred million and is one of the biggest deals ever managed by a TV producer, although specific details of the deal have yet to be released.

Murphy, who has spent most of his career as a producer for 21st Century Fox, will let his contract with Fox expire this summer so that he will be able to make the move to Netflix in July. This agreement will come as a huge shock to both Fox and the Walt Disney Company, which acquired most of the Fox just this past December for over fifty billion dollars. Murphy has produced such hits as ”American Horror Story” and ”Glee” and is most definitely a great catch for the streaming giant. Under their multi-year, multi-million dollar deal, Murphy has agreed to produce both new movies and new series for Netflix and is the second such major content creator who has made the jump in recent months.

Shonda Rhimes left her ABC home where she was essentially responsible for one entire night of hit programming which included ‘Grey’s Anatomy” and ”Scandal”. Her deal with Netflix was finalized back in August. In addition, Netflix also made a multi-year deal with Jenji Kohan, the creator of ”Orange Is The New Black.” Ted Sarandos, who is Netlfix’ chief content officer said Murphy’s series has essentially changed the course of television history as well as reinventing genres. In addition, Sarandos acknowledged Murphy’s unwavering dedication to perfection, his gifts of giving a voice to the underappreciated, showcasing unique perspectives, and just generally shocking everyone with his genre-demolishing work.

As to his new deal with Netflix, Murphy says he plans to keep on working to champion women, minorities, and both heroes and heroines of the LGBTQ community. He says this historical moment is anything but lost on him. He says he was a gay kid from Indiana who had fifty-five dollars in his pocket when he moved to Hollywood in 1989. The fact that his dreams have literally come to life is not only overwhelming to him, but also extremely emotional.

Netflix previously announced that Murphy was producing two new shows ”The Politician” and ”Ratched”, but neither have a premiere date at the current time. With this latest dominating roar, it would seem that Netflix has sent a message to the entertainment industry as a whole. As evidenced by their luring away of Hollywood’s top talents, the streaming giant is showing just how powerful they have become, able to pull major producers away from their competitors.

With yet another brand name producer to add to their list, it’s no wonder their subscriber base continues to escalate and break expectations regularly. The company earned over eight million new viewers just in the recently concluded last quarter of 2017, bringing their global subscription total to almost a hundred and twenty million viewers. With the addition of Murphy, along with their other recent addition, the sky seems to be the limit.

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