Five Things You Didn’t Know about Michelle Wolf

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Michelle Wolf

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Michelle Wolf

Michelle Wolf is a stand-up comedian who mainly performs during the weekend. She focuses on feminist, silly, and witty deadpan style while performing stand-up comedy.  She caught her break in 2014 after getting an opportunity to write for “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” Eventually, she was a writing supervisor and performer for the show. Her career has grown in leaps and bounds  working all through the week. She even has her own stand-up special on HBO. Here are five things you may not be aware of the comedian.

She is a Writer and an Actress

Michelle is a writer and also a correspondent on a show that airs on Comedy Central “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”. Performing and writing for “Late Night” prepared her for her role on the “Daily Show.” On the network, she is also an actor in two web series. The first is “Used People” which is about vehicle salesman opposite Dan Soder, a comic. The other is “Now Hiring” where her character faces multiple awkward encounters working as a job recruiter at a tech firm.

Michelle Wolf Never Intended to Pursue Comedy

Despite her massive success in the field, Wolf had no intentions of pursuing a career in comedy. She claims that among her siblings, she was not the funniest. She attended college to study kinesiology. However, after moving to New York, Michelle started working in the financial sector for companies such as JPMorgan Chase, and Bear Sterns. The economic crises that happened in late 2000 saw her retain her job because she was “affordable and young.” During her employment years, Wolf decided to take up improvisational acting lessons during her free time. After some classes, she decided she wanted to be part of the field.

Michelle is still Not Confident in her Comic Abilities

Even though Wolf makes people laugh and has also been given a chance to showcase her talent on Comedy Off Broadway she is still not 100% about her comedian skills. She confirms that it has taken her years to convince herself that she can make an audience die with laughter. She confesses that she usually has a huge battle with herself when on stage because Michelle is never sure when she will come up with the next funny thing to say.

Comedy has given her a Voice

Audiences listening to Michelle get a chance to listen to her option on topics that cover big political and social issues mixed with feminist takes. She affirms that as a performer and writer, her professional has given her confidence that she never knew she had. Wolf now has a voice that she not afraid of using. She remembers that before comedy, she probably did not have a solid opinion on a lot of stuff and she just followed the wind. Michelle says that strong opinions are among the most favorite things that stand-up has brought her way.

Michelle Wolf Wants Women to Replace Men who Sexually Harass People

Michelle did not only use Harvey Weinstein as a punch line on Daily Show, but she also went ahead to give a solution. She suggested that women should replace men who are fired because they are sexually harassing other individuals. She called her policy “Pull out your dick get replaced by a chick.”

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