So Larry The Cable Guy Has a Fake Southern Accent

So Larry The Cable Guy Has a Fake Southern Accent

I don’t know as I would say that Larry the Cable Guy has a fake accent, it’s very real when he slips into it thanks to the fact that according to him he hangs around a lot of folks that talk in that manner. I might call him just what he says he is, a chameleon. So many people around the world have been fooled by that accent for so long that they really think he’s a down home country boy and a bit of a hick, but the truth is that while he’s been raised around country folk and picked up the accent just out of habit he doesn’t sound like that on a normal basis. You wouldn’t know it to hear him voice Mater on Cars or during his comedy skits though.

He found something that worked and he ran with it. It’s not really his fault that people took the role to heart and didn’t do any further digging.  People loved him for what he did and didn’t want to know any more than that. It does make me wonder though if Jeff Foxworthy and the others on tour knew that his accent wasn’t real.

Seriously people, he plays a role on TV and in movies and as a rule you should know better than to believe everything you listen to. Just like anyone else he’s not a fraud, he’s an actor. He even admits to having studied drama and speech in college, two of the most likely disciplines to elevate him towards the kind of career he’s had for so many years. For those of you that bought into the role of the Larry the Cable Guy, myself included, we should all feel at least a little foolish at this point. He played a great role for a long time and he still plays it.

As of now we know better though. That’s the only thing that’s changed. We know that behind that southern accent is something a lot different than what we’ve come to expect. If you’re going to call him a fraud then you’d better start lining up every Hollywood actor that ever impersonated anyone with a different accent and start handing out letters of shame. And while you’re at it expect to be laughed at and ridiculed for daring to believe that this opinion would matter to anyone.

He’s an actor, plain and simple. He played a role and he played it so well that millions of people believed he was a southern redneck that got lucky and hit it big for a while. His career has been kind of on the down low lately but people still remember him and still think of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour when they do. The cries of “Git ‘er done!” can still be heard throughout the country and more importantly Larry the Cable Guy is still one of the more revered comics throughout the world.

So what if his accent isn’t real?

So Larry The Cable Guy Has a Fake Southern Accent

This is Larry the Cable guy before hitting it big


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