What You Need to Know About “Bushcraft Build-Off”

What You Need to Know About “Bushcraft Build-Off”

What You Need to Know About “Bushcraft Build-Off”

Discovery is set for an amazing fall with its lineup of new programs. Bushcrafting fans will be thrilled with the addition of the new reality series “Bushcraft Build-Off.” If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s okay. The premiere is on Wednesday, November 8, 2017 and if you miss the premiere, you can get caught up online. Here is what you need to know to get you excited about tuning in.

Matt Graham takes the spotlight

Matt Graham is well known for mastery of primitive skills and his expertise in Bushcrafting. He makes the perfect host for the new show. Matt will lead viewers on the search that covers the entire country, for the best and most talented bushcrafters around. You may remember Graham from the show “Dual Survival.” In his new role, he will challenge master bushcrafters to a build-off that will put their primitive building skills to the ultimate test. The competitions will feature a variety of topographies and a variety of challenges to build the required structures in the pre-set timeline. They’ll only have the resources that the land provides and each competition will be the most grueling seven day adventure that these craftman have experienced.

Pushing the human spirit to the limit

The challenges are designed to bring out the best in each of the competitors. The mental aspect is as grueling and exhausting as the physical challenge. It is up to each to figure out how to accomplish the tasks they are charged with under difficult circumstances. Creativity will definitely be a requirement as there are no hardware stores nearby. The builders are allowed to have a few simple hand tools on hand, but there will be no power for more advanced tools and equipment. This is a survival challenge and will the bushcrafters have what it takes to make it to the finish?

The competitions

Each week the show will feature two bushcrafters who face off. Each are masters in their field and they’ll go head to head in builds that challenge the most proficient. Stamina creativity and skills will all be pushed to the limits as they are challenged to construct weapons, bridges, transportation and other structures. The variety of the challenges will make this show interesting to watch because viewers will be anxious to find out what the next cool build will be. You may be surprised at how skilled the masters are at their craft.

An insight into our history

When the first settlers arrived in America, they had few advanced tools and no power equipment to erect the structures and build the things that were required for survival. Just like the master bushcrafters of these competitions, they only had a few simple tools, their hands, backs, minds and what resources were available from the land. The rest was up to them and they forged a civilization out of the wilderness. Soon, settlements became cities and a new nation was born. Watching “Bushcraft Build-Off” will give viewers an idea of what the first settlers went through. Be sure to tune in to the Discovery channel to catch the premiere episode.

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