Claws Season 4 Premiere: Betrayal

Claws Season 4 Premiere: Betrayal

Claws Season 4 Premiere: Betrayal

The Ladies of Palmetto are finally back! However, the dynamic of the crew is not the same because Desna and Ann are beefing! To be honest, despite Desna slightly controlling ways we never thought we would see the day these two “ride or die” best friends would become mortal enemies. In Season 3 finale the casino went up in flames thanks to Ann who was “avenging” the death of her wife. Now that Desna has lost everything she is out for blood and won’t take no for an answer from anybody including Uncle Daddy. Ann mistakenly finds out about their lives and

The Struggle Is Real

After Ann burned down the casino, Desna officially cut her off. Things have been incredibly hard for Ann now that she’s out of a job. Ann is living in a trailer park,  she’s barely eating, which is bad because she’s also pregnant and she’s having a hard time landing another job because of her past criminal record. Polly, Virginia, and Jenn want the crew to get back together, but Desna and Ann are so stubborn, that’s it’s not likely to happen anytime soon. When Desna finds out that the new owners of the plaza are increasing rent in a plan to gentrify the neighborhood. There is no way egret can afford the rent increase so Desna plans to pass it off to Clay (Uncle Daddy) Desna tries to secure more money on the backend for washing money for Clay but he quickly turns it down. Desna boldly tells Clay that she will no longer be washing the money. Desna convoys a plan to steal Oxy from the clinic and sell it at the shop.


While Desna is focused on developing a plan to put her and her girls back in the game, Dean is trying his hand at being an Instagram influencer in hopes of being more independent. The thing is that his IG live shows are dry and he’s having a hard time attracting followers. Virginia is more than excited to help Dean with his show and throw him some followers. Virginia tells Dean to give people something to watch and so Dean starts to strip on Live build his followings. Although Desna is completely unaware of what Dean is doing on Live, he is able to finally get her a website built from his newfound social media popularity. Desna convinces Dr. Ken to help her skim some pills of the new shipment of Oxy coming in. Using Dr. Ken’s love for Polly as a ploy, Desna gets him to help the dispensary so they can rob it. Confetta, one of the nurses at the clinic catches them.

Once And For All

Meanwhile, Polly is still head over heels with her ex Joe from the casino. Virginia suggests that she purges him out of her system.  Virginia and Polly randomly pop up at Joe’s house in the middle of the night. Polly ends up torching Joe’s sports car. Surprisingly, it helps her feel a little better.

Failed Reconciliation

The ladies attempt to get Ann and Desna to make up by inviting Ann down to the shop to her pick up her things. Things don’t go as planned. Desna and Ann end up trading a lot of hurtful words rooted in resentment of each other over the years. Virginia and her big mouth do spill the beans about them stealing Oxy from Clay which is going to come back to haunt them. Desperate for a job and fueled by her hate for Desna, Ann tells Clay that Desna stole from him. As a result, Ann is able to secure a job with Clay. Clay confronts Desna about stealing and tears up the shop.

Final Thoughts

Desna’s rage and stubbornness might seem a bit excessive in this episode, but if you are a day one fan, then you know that Desna has been hustling to get her crew and family into a better financial space for the longest. For Desna to have been so close to riches last season only for it to be ripped from her hands and now she’s close to losing her shop. Her frustration is relatable. How far will Ann go to exact revenge on her best friend? Now that she’s working with Clay it’s clear that she’s willing to go far. As we all know that crime boss is downright dangerous. Desna might be slightly underestimating the threat that Clay poses to her crew. It’s going to be interesting to see where Desna’s new hustle takes her in Season 4.

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