Naraka: Bladepoint Is a New Battle Royale IP Coming to Consoles Soon

Naraka: Bladepoint Is a New Battle Royale IP Coming to Consoles Soon

Naraka: Bladepoint is taking the battle royale sub-genre into uncharted waters. This fast-paced highly vertical multiplayer slasher fest developed by 24 Entertainment has been on Steam for a while. However, this game is scheduled to be released for consoles in the near future. Sticking to standard battle royale fare, Naraka: Bladepoint is a PVP game that takes place in feudal Japan. Matches can have up to 60 players duking it out in a variety of brutal ways. This game is a refreshing angle to the battle royale sub-genre that is starting to get a bit stale these days. This title currently has seven unique characters that each come with their own styles. Each character comes with specialized skills, known as “talents,” that can curb combat to their benefit. Every player has their favorite and it solely depends on finding the right character that compliments their playstyle.

Of course, Naraka: Bladepoint takes place on a rather large map that is teeming with explorable avenues. All the characters can find a grappling hook that serves as a quick getaway. Players can zip around the map with ease for vantage points and also for airborne combat. Even though the gameplay may appear spammy, there is a surprising amount of depth to it. The fighting mechanics are programmed to where well-versed players can circumvent cheap tactics and button mashers easily. Rapidly pushing buttons will only get players so far. This game has a “rock, paper scissors” dynamic to it and it will take practice to get comfortable with the chaos. Luckily, this game comes with a tutorial to show the basics. Additionally, there is even a “Deathmatch Mode” that players can try out to really sink their death into the gameplay. The graphics in this title are obviously flashy and there’s a lot to discover in this mystical world.


The Dance of Blades

Just like any other battle royale game, there is inventory management to deal with. Currently, the items in this game aren’t as diverse as its kin, but they all have their uses. There are various tiers to weapons, spells, and items that each grant them varying stats. Despite the fact that this game takes place in ancient Japan, there’s a touch of sci-fi elements to them. Naraka: Bladepoint is clearly inspired by anime properties in assorted degrees. Matches start by having players warp on certain checkpoints on the map. Then, all the players rush out to find whatever gear they can find. Teams don’t start next to each other, they’ll need to rendevous while hoping they won’t run into other combatants. Currently, players can be matched by solo, duos, or trio variations.

The types of weapons that players can find are; spear, greatsword, longsword, and katana. All of these weapons can be upgraded by using “Souljades” which provide sundry buffs. On top of this, this game strangely enough, also comes with ranged weapons, as well. These types of weapons come in the roster of; pistol, musket, cannon, bow, and repeating crossbow. All of the melee weapons come with combos that are peppered with a flurry of animations. If players manage to pull off an entire combo on a combatant, they will become disarmed. This will leave them naked and vulnerable for a free hit if players are quick enough. Focus attacks are basically heavy attacks that can armor against light attacks. However, they can be parried and they will leave the player open for a counter. On the flipside, light attacks can’t be parried, only blocked. Thus, each character comes with an ultimate ability. Sometimes, they can be coupled nicely with particular weapons to give extra damage.

Swords Don’t Hit Back

All the characters in Naraka: Bladepoint all come with serious mobility. They may not be able to jump super high, but they can climb trees and scale up cliffs. The climbing animations are somewhat similar to Infamous as opposed to something like Assassin’s Creed. Players will also be able to sprint, slide, double jump, and even teleport. There are consumables scatter throughout each match that give all kinds of perks. Usually, players will find; prickly pears, salak, fireflies, and dandelions. These items will give health, replenish armor, fill the ultimate meter, and silence footsteps. Any player that played through Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice will get used to the grappling hook mechanics pretty quick. Not only is the grappling hook used for gaining higher ground, but it also has other uses.

It can be used to highlight enemies and give away their positions. Plus, it can also be used to attack enemies from afar and up close. Glyphs can be utilized to extend the length of the grappling hook. Glyphs are stackable perks that can be purchased pre-game and be installed into the loadouts. They can be unlocked with the XP garnered after each match. Even though there are pre-set characters that players can choose from, they can also be customized. The level of depth to the face customization features in this game is at the same level as RPGs. Speaking of which, weapons do come with a durability stat and they will break if not maintained. Thus, players can even upload their own face to their avatar to make it uniquely their own. Fans of fighting games that run in the vein of Soul Caliber or even Dead or Alive should have no problem with Naraka: Bladepoint’s mechanics.

The Kiss of Steal

Naraka: Bladepoint was just recently dropped on Steam and players within the PC community are enjoying it. However, players with home consoles will have to wait a little longer before getting their hands on it. Even though the battle royale sub-genre has been massively popular the last few years, there’s always room to try something new. This title is already building up a pretty good fanbase and it’s going to increase once it hits consoles. The initial release date for PC was August 12th and there will be home console versions available in near future. However, 24 Entertainment has not solidified a release date as of in feudal JapanThe graphicsThe types of weapons

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