Every Solstice of Heroes Cosmetic Currently in Destiny 2

solstice of heroes

Solstice of Heroes has arrived yet again for Destiny 2 fans, and this time it’s brought back even more seasonal cosmetics for you to purchase (and some to earn, but mostly purchase), including new armor ornaments, Ghost Shells, Sparrows, Ships, emotes, finishers, and everyone’s favorite: Ghost Projections! Obvious sarcasm is obvious, because I don’t know a single person that actually uses any Ghost Projections in the game. That being said, if you are one of the few Guardians that actually does, then you’ve got some more options now. So, what do we have available in the Destiny 2 Eververse store during Solstice of Heroes? Which items do you have to pay for, and which ones can you actually earn by completing in-game objectives?

Armor Ornaments

Celestine Warlock Bundle

First up, we’ve got the Celestine Warlock Bundle, which is the newest Warlock armor set, and I have to admit I love this armor set. It even gives your Warlock a cool mohawk of light!

Illuminus Hunter Bundle

The Illuminus Hunter Bundle is the latest Hunter armor set for this year’s Solstice of Heroes event, which is honestly, a little strange. The glow is way too intense, and the helmet just makes it look like you’re going to high school graduation. Not the biggest fan of this one.

Sunstead Titan Bundle

Now, we’ve go the new Titan Solstice set, which also gives your Guardian a super cool mohawk. While the glow is still pretty intense, it’s nowhere near the levels of the Hunter, and it just looks way better overall, in my opinion.

Solstice Bundles

As usual, we also have last year’s Solstice of Heroes armor bundles for each class available in the Eververse store. I definitely do like this armor set, but in no way does it even compare to this year’s.


Grand Slam

If you like baseball, you’re going to love this finisher, because it gives you a bat that you produce from your own light to completely annihilate whatever enemy is standing in front of you. 10/10 would recommend.

Iron Severance

Iron Severance is definitely one of my favorite Destiny 2 finishers, because it calls back to the Rise of Iron expansion, in which you conjure up an Iron Lord’s battle-axe, hoist it above your head, and send it crashing down onto your opponent’s head.


Mote Juggle

Mote Juggle is…okay. It’s kind of boring, and it doesn’t even infinitely loop properly, so it just ends up looking really weird. It’s also going to cost you about $10 worth of Silver, so if you want to pay $10 for a broken emote, then be my guest, but I don’t recommend it.

Cable Skipper

Cable Skipper seems harmless enough, and is actually kind of fun to watch, though I’m kind of upset that a piece of code can jump rope better than I can.

Catching Rays

The Catching Rays emote would be a lot cooler if you could have your Guardian pull up a chair or something and sit down whilst tanning, but the only thing that it does is grab a drink on the side, and slurp away, so it’s not all that great, in my opinion.

Power Rising

This emote is probably one of my favorite Destiny 2 emotes of all time, simply because it’s based on Dragon Ball Z. Power Rising recreates the famous Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan power up, and then allows you to finish with a burst of energy at the end, which makes for some super cool memes, and motivational speeches in the final Raid boss room, or at the beginning of a Grandmaster Nightfall.

Breathe In

If you want to experience this exact same emote, but for free, just go mediate at the Statue of Heroes in front of Eva at the Tower.

Flag On The Play

This is probably going to see some Crucible action every once in a while.


Paperwork just doesn’t make any sense.


Okay, I actually think the Fishing emote is really cool and fun, especially since you get to catch a couple of different….fish.

Festival Dance

If you like pretty colors, buy this emote.

Future Hi-5

This is a multiplayer emote. It’s fine, I guess.

Roller Dance

The only way that this emote is worth it, is if it’s traversable. If you can’t walk while using this emote, don’t buy it (I’m not buying it to find out).

No Fair

Again, I really just don’t understand the point of this emote.

Sweltering Heat

Sweltering Heat is definitely rubbing it in the faces of those that are dealing with a massive heat wave right now, but at least your Guardians can cool off, right?

Intimidating Snap

Here’s another multiplayer emote if you want to meme on your Trials enemies, or some other 3v3 mode.

Twisty Dance

Yeah, I really just don’t like the Twisty Dance emote. It’s nice to see the Guardian’s hips moving, but it’s just not for me.

Silly Handshake

We’ve got another multiplayer emote here. This one’s pretty short and kind of just looks like a regular handshake if you don’t see it from the right angle.

Flick Of The Wrist

Flick Of The Wrist would be a lot better if I had any idea what the weird crystal thing that appears actually is; if it were a massive Gambit coin or something, I could get behind it, but this just seems like it only exists in the game for this emote.

Hip Bump

For the last multiplayer emote, we’ve got the Hip Bump, which is perfect for any duo Fireteam that just works perfectly well together.

Ghost Shells


Adorable, I love him and would die for him.


Not the greatest, we do already have a sunglasses Ghost, and some Ghosts with hats.

Buoy Trap

I would also risk my life for this Ghost, because he is so incredibly cute.

Spelunking Shell

If you like Indiana Jones, you should get this Ghost Shell.

Cabana Shell

Not bad, not great, somewhere in between.

Backspin Shell

Definitely a must have if you’re a hardcore tennis player.

Shaded Shell

The OG Ghost Shell with glasses.

Jubilant Shell

Sweatcicle pointed this out in his video, but the actual Ghost inside this shell isn’t centered, and it bugs me.

Buoy Shell

A rare almost-naked Ghost that’s just sitting in a floaty.

Filigree of Light

This is actually one of the earnable rewards, which is earned by completing all three armor sets on each class, and earning the white glow on each of them. It’s not terrible, but it’s definitely not my favorite.


Aurum Pace

Pretty cool, I like the white and gold

Golden Rider

Kind of gives me anti-Ghost Rider vibes.

Eira’s Grace

I liked the cracking light aesthetic from last year’s Solstice of Heroes, plus it has to be super aerodynamic.

On Gilt Wings

Kind of boxy, not a huge fan.


A neat gimmick, but I’ve never actually liked this Sparrow.

Micro Mini

The absolute best Sparrow in the game, by far.

Gray Hornet

Gives me actual Ghost Rider vibes.


Blacklight Razor

I’m going to be super disappointed if this isn’t available for Bright Dust at some point, because I might actually have to buy it.

Aureate Dawn

Another super sleek ship, love the shape.

Argentate Dusk

Looks like a water-skimmer, I hope Bungie keeps adding new Ship designs rather than the same ship just reskinned over and over again.


An absolutely stunning ship, looks like a lightning bolt.

Summertide Kite

Definitely the weakest Solstice of Heroes ship ever.

Ghost Projections

I don’t really like any Ghost Projection ever, so here’s just a list of all of them in Solstice of Heroes:

Bivalve Projection

Flamingo Projection

Sand Castle Projection

Transmat Effects

I don’t really care too much about Transmat Effects either, but they do certainly have potential, and some of them are actually really cool.

Baroque Entrance

Not exactly sure what it’s supposed to be, but it’s not terrible. Definitely better ones out there, though.

Shocking Entrance

Love the lightning effect on this one.

Beach Ball Effects

I really enjoy the beachy theme with this one.

Sandcastle Effects

Another beach theme Transmat Effect, but this is definitely my favorite, because you come out of a sandcastle that’s falling down.

Tune in next time for next year’s Solstice of Heroes cosmetic offerings!


The Brightest Stars

This emblem is acquired by earning a white glow for a single set of Magnificent Solstice Armor for any class. Honestly, the emblem doesn’t look bad, it just confuses me, because there aren’t actually aren’t any stars in it. My best guess is that it’s supposed to be the sun.

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