Far Cry 6 Might Be The Most Ambitious Installment, Yet

Far Cry 6 Might Be The Most Ambitious Installment, Yet

Far Cry 6 Might Be The Most Ambitious Installment, Yet

Far Cry has seen a notable evolution over the years and there’s no question that the series has reached its full stride. With Far Cry 6 coming out soon, it leaves players wondering if this next installment is going to usher in a new generation of gameplay mechanics, or just rehash the same old formula? Nobody will know for certain until fans get their hands on it. The Far Cry series prides itself in introducing new adventures, characters, and locations with each installment. There may be some slight connective tissue between each title, but they’re all generally a standalone story that can sometimes end up being a righteous victory or downright tragic.

Players of the Far Cry series have found themselves throughout a myriad of brutal locations that range from a desolate tropical island, snowy Tibetian mountaintops to rural America. With Far Cry’s sixth installment, the destination this time around is on a Cuban-inspired island called Yara. Ever Since Far Cry 3, Ubisoft continued to add layers to the gameplay to make the sequels more immersive and interactive. The basic story structure with each Far Cry game is revolved around revolution and toppling some kind of dictator. Far Cry 6 is really no different in this regard. The fictional Caribbean island of Yara has a cold-blooded dictator name Anton Castillo who is grooming his 13-year old son named Diego to be his heir. Even though every Far Cry villain was generally a lone villain that had a following of sort, none of them was a father figure to an adolescent. This adds an interesting dynamic with this antagonist and the story can go in many different directions regarding their relationship.


Urban Warfare

The protagonist, however, is named Dani and players can choose to play either the male or female variations of the character. It’s unknown if this option will affect the gameplay or if it’s strictly just cosmetic. Whatever the case, the character is fully voiced and won’t be a silent automaton that players were forced to play as in Far Cry 5. It appears that customization will play a more significant role this time around. Players will be able to dress up Dani the way they like and even spruce up vehicles in their collection. What makes Far Cry 6 stand out from its predecessor, is the fact that this one has a sprawling urban environment to explore. To date, the Far Cry games specialize in being out in the wilderness that’s peppered with villages and small towns. This city is named Esperanza and it’s a complete departure for this layout that Far Cry players have become accustomed to over the years.

The condensed, towering concrete jungle of Esperanza feels almost alien to the Far Cry franchise, giving players a totally new outlook on war. Narrative Director, Navid Khavari states, “Being able to run across rooftops, use back alleys, fight against some of the toughest opponents in the game in this setting, I think is really unique and fresh.” With that said, here’s hoping that Dani will be able to utilize some parkour moves throughout the rooftops during gunfights. Something that’s akin to Assassin’s Creed. That will certainly give this sequel some legs of its own to stand on. There is no doubt that players will be busy battling Castillo’s forces throughout Yara and there will be allies to join up with. This time, things are going to be a little different.

Say Hello, To My Little Friend

Far Cry 5 implemented a “Guns for Hire” feature where players could recruit NPCs in a bar to help out during combat. With Far Cry 6, these NPCs are going to be strictly friends from the animal kingdom. They’re going to be called “amigos” and they all come with special skills and attributes that’ll come in handy for particular situations. There’s Guapo, a small crocodile with decored teeth, that can be called upon to attack and chomp in enemies. Then, there’s Chorizo, a little dog that’s hindered a little makeshift wheelchair that can distract the opposition. Of course, there’s going to be more “amigos” to discover, but players will have to play the game upon release to find them.

The map is going to operate differently in Far Cry 6. The plan is to make the interface seem less cumbersome and have it be more lean and digestible. Photos on Dani’s phone will sometimes come in and it’ll clue players in where the location of the mission is. There will no longer be markers on the map to just lockdown and follow. Another new element is the fact that players will be able to holster their weapons. In past Far Cry games, players were forced to hide in the bushes and recon locations to get a feel of what’s going on. Now, they can actually walk in and interact with soldiers in a friendly manner, as long as the area isn’t restricted. Not to mention, players will also be able to traverse the map on horseback.

Stay Crafty

The weapons are the standard, colorful tools of destruction that Far Cry is known for. Guns can be fully customized to a player’s heart’s delight and they can be adjusted to fit any playstyle. However, there appears to be some junky, homemade firepower that’s constructed out of spare parts that players will be able to use. These are special weapons that are generally in the guise of flamethrowers, EMP grenades, and mini-guns. The now-famous “Macarena Gun” is just the beginning of what can be assembled with that assortment of weaponry. Currently, there are 49 known firearms that can be collected in Far Cry 6. Plus, another welcomed addition to Far Cry 6 is light RPG mechanics in terms of gear and how they vary in stats. Dani will also be equipped with an upgradable backpack that comes with a variety of area clearing special moves.

There’s a lot to dig into with Far Cry 6 and it appears that this franchise is going in unique and refreshing directions. Players won’t have to wait much longer before it finally launches. Even though the core Far Cry gameplay mechanics are there, there also seems to be a slightly more liberated approach on how players will be able to play. Far Cry 6 will be released on October 7 for the PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Amazon Luna, and Google Stadia.

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