How the Gas Can is a Secret Weapon in Fortnite

How the Gas Can is a Secret Weapon in Fortnite

Fortnite secret weapon gas can

Fortnite, the extremely popular battle royale game, was certainly one of the most abstract games when it was released and still remained that way today. Currently, the game is in what is called Chapter 2, Season 8 specifically with Chapter 3 rumored to be as around the corner as physically possible without actually being here, however, this was all speculation due to leaks always being a slightly unstable source. Outside of leakers, plenty of fans and players have been able to pull clues out of Fortnite itself and from tweets and other Twitter-related things from Donald Mustard. Plenty of strange things have always been found on the map but the gas can in Fortnite can be used as a secret weapon if you’re smart or desperate. From swimming to vehicles, and even falling off the map to instant death, Chapter 1 of Fortnite compared to Chapter 2 feels like a different generation entirely, even though both seasons have been loaded with interesting skins. Below, we’ll go into details on how the gan can is a secret weapon in Fortnite, as well as the obscurity and the other strange weapons and objects found in the game that can be used in smart ways to get you victory royales or even extra time to survive and complete a challenge in a highly-populated area.

Fortnite Chapter 1 Obscurities

Fortnite Chapter 1 may not have been loaded with collaborations in the way that Chapter 2 has been but it had its own fair share of original content that kept waves of players coming and going. In Chapter 1 of Fortnite, there was a variety of things that players couldn’t do that are nothing more than things we do regularly in Chapter 2, but we’ll talk about that more below. During Chapter 1, we were given many strange inclusions to the game over time from events of different natures, Mechs, and even campfires and spike traps. Various different objects and weapons were placed on the Chapter 1 map but outside of strange vehicles such as golf carts, quads in the form of The Quadcrusher, and even shopping carts. Players used these vehicles and other items and methods to get interesting kills, such as riding rockets into enemies. During Chapter 1, vehicles didn’t require fuel of any kind, even though gas stations were always placed on the map but that changed with Chapter 2 Season 3 when gas cans were added along with fuel pumps at gas stations to fuel boats, cars, and trucks, which are the only vehicles on the map.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Obscurities

Currently, with Chapter 3 rumored to be coming anytime between after the current season of 8 or after the possible 9th or 10th season, Mechs have also been rumored to be returning to the game. Mechs were considered to be overpowered by a large portion of the fanbase but personally, I found the Mech to be a great twist to Fortnite and if you didn’t know how to properly use the massive vehicle, there was no advantage to take against other players. While Chapter 1 of Fortnite felt highly experimental, Chapter 2 should also be recognized for how interesting it has been and still can be. Compared to each other, however, Chapter 2 is much, much more put together, with fewer major issues and just about everything else that’s different seemed to make Chapter 2 stand out that much than Chapter 1. In Fortnite, the gas can is also the most convenient secret weapon in Fortnite due to the item being found at almost every building, including bus stops and shacks.

How the Gas Can in Fortnite is a Secret Weapon

When it comes to the point that Chapter 2 of Fortnite is out now, gas cans are often carried by players in order to fuel their vehicles beyond just carrying a vehicle around the map with the fuel it has when found. When holding a gas can as your main inventory selection, it will be exposed and you’ll be seen physically carrying it, and unfortunately, a player can shoot it. When a  player shoots the gas can it will leave the player with a minimum of 1 health, if no shields are applied. In a normal circumstance of fighting an opponent, a gas can could be thrown towards the direction of a player and shot to either harm the player directly or burn a certain area and possibly any enemy players nearby. What makes the gas can a secret weapon in Fortnite is when you have the gas can in your inventory, but not equipped as a player is more unknowingly going to cause the gas can to explode with excessive gunfire. The excessive gunfire from such an enemy’s gun after your death, such as from the Sideways Minigun or even just a pickaxe, is more than likely going to cause a nasty explosion with your death and cause your loot pool and surrounding area to be engulfed in flames.

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