10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mykki Blanco

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mykki Blanco

Things are no longer as they were back in the day as many people already know and calling someone by what they appear to be is a quick way to get in trouble in many different ways. Mykki Blanco is one of those folks that might make it difficult for some people if they’re not paying attention to what’s going on but it would seem that he’s more interested in just having a good time with his career and doing his own thing. The reason it’s easy to call him a he at this point is because that seems to be one set of pronouns that he gladly uses and doesn’t seem to get offended by. But honestly and truly it would seem insanely hard to remember if Mykki decided to change pronouns more than once in a given month or year for whatever reason. It would seem to depend on how it affects his career at times, but overall many people have stuck to whatever pronoun he prefers at the moment.’

Here are a few things about Mykki you might not have known.

10. Mykki ran away from home at the age of 16.

Whether you’re sure of your sexuality or not at this age it’s usually a good bet that some people around you aren’t going to be as certain and it’s also kind of certain that it might not be the most stable environment if those around you aren’t willing to accept you.

9. Throughout his career Mykki has used different pronouns.

This is what might confuse some people, particularly if they happen to like Mykki’s music and forget which pronouns he’s using at any given time. It could be that each set of pronouns was something that he used for a while before switching up, but if he continues to switch back and forth that seems like something fit to confuse a lot of people.

8. He’s been called on of hip hop’s queer pioneers.

This isn’t exactly how he wants to identify himself or his career since he’s just into making music and making it sound great for people to enjoy. But within the industry there’s always going to be a label to affix to just about anyone no matter if they desire it or not.

7. He identifies as transgender and multi-gendered.

This might seem confusing to cis folks and it could easily spark an entire debate about gender that’s just not going to happen at the moment. Let’s be fair and say that he’s chosen his path and what he wants to identify as and leave it at that.

6. Apparently he’s been HIV positive since 2011.

He didn’t come out with this information until around 2015 as he was afraid of what the reaction might be. Sometimes this kind of news can ruin a reputation and a career at the same time, but the outpouring of understanding and support was, as you can imagine, great enough that his career has continued to move forward without fail.

5. He’s been accused of being a rape silencer.

Gregory Adams of Exclaim! wrote an article after a picture was seen on Instagram in which he was posing with a person that he didn’t know. A number of woman reported that the unknown male was a rapist and when Mykki took the picture down to ostensibly prevent anyone from being triggered he was labeled as a rape silencer for taking it off, despite the protests that he was simply trying to help.

4. It’s not really known what his net worth is at this time.

His net worth is said to be under review but if he’s worth more than a million it would be kind of surprising since quite honestly despite all he’s done it’s hard to really see him as a major talent. Perhaps it will happen soon but at this time it doesn’t seem as though his career is one that has been noticed on that scale.

3. He’s worked with Madonna in the past on a music video.

David Renshaw of Fader along with many others covered this moment. This would be a feather in anyone’s cap no matter that Madonna has kind of lost a lot of respect over the years thanks to her controversial views and words that have actually put her in the sights of the FBI at one point.

2. There’s not a whole lot of in-depth information on him on the internet.

There are bits of information here and there about music, about a few things in his life that have happened, but nothing really stands out as being inclusive or as being anything other than a small blurb that gets repeated over and over.

1. He’s in his 30s at this time.

Unless his health deteriorates throughout the coming years it would seem that he has some time to really cement his legacy and make something of himself in a way that a lot more people will remember.

To each their own on this one.

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