“Murder on the Orient Express” Sequel “Death on the Nile” is Already a Go

Agatha Christie’s novel “Death on the Nile” was first published in 1937, and it was adapted for television in the movie “Murder on the Orient Express,” which has become a classic film. We’ve recently learned that a sequel is coming out soon. Here is what we know about the upcoming remake of the movie

A new version for modern times.

Bette Davis, Angela Landsbury, David Niven, Maggie Smith and Mia Farrow starred in the 1978 movie about a murder that was committed as the result of a love triangle. One huge similarity that the new version will embrace is the all star cast. The sequel is following suit with a powerful cast which will include Penelope Cruz as Pilar Estavados, Judin Dench as Princess Dragomiroff, Willem Dafoe in the role of Gerhard Hardman, Johnny Depp as Ratchett, Derek Jacobi as Edward Masterman, Josh Gad as Hector MacQueen, Michelle Pfeiffer as Mrs. Hubbard, Leslie Odom Jr as Dr. Arbuthnot, and Daisy Ridley in the role of Mary Debenham. Michael Branagh will direct as well as appear as the character Poirot in the show.

The new technology will present a more refined cinematic quality as the old classic is revived. The mystery of who committed the crime, so far as we know, has already been solved, but the new “murder on the Orient Express” should be a nostalgic trip backwards in time.

New settings?

We know that the train will be an updated version and reviews suggest that the camera work will present something new for viewers with dazzling angles and special shots that were not used in the 1970s version. There is no doubt, an influence of the kidnapping of the Lindburgh baby from the era in which Christie wrote the book. The new film was shot with special cameras and film processing to highlight the scenery and give viewers an impressive backdrop of breathtaking scenery. The film is scheduled to be released on the big screen as well as IMAX, which will make the scenery pop out in ways that were formerly unimaginable.

Final thoughts

If you are a fan of the first “Murder on the Orient Express,” then the new sequel will be a real treat. From what we are able to gather, it’s going to take all of the elements of a high quality murder mystery with the exciting action of a train in motion, an all-star cast and one heck of a book adaptation, combined for what we believe will be nothing short of a masterpiece. Any time that Johnny Depp is brought in for a remake, crowds gather, so we are assuming that the film will be a great success. Will there be much humor infused into the movie? We’re hard pressed to imagine a Depp movie that doesn’t at least have a few funny moments. Recalling his efforts in the remake of the old horror movie “Dark Shadows,” it was less scary and more funny, but is it possible to do this with an old murder mystery drama? We’ll soon find out.

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