Movie Review: Sing 2

Movie Review: Sing 2

Movie Review: Sing 2

Being honest about this movie is easy since it didn’t sound like an idea that needed to happen. But there are times when being proven wrong is actually kind of nice since it means that any expectations for a feature have been exceeded without fail. The first movie, Sing, was fun since it introduced an idea that wasn’t exactly a new type of story, but it did create something worth watching since it was an underdog story thanks to Buster Moon, who is once again voiced by Matthew McConaughey. The core group did return and was added to by a few key voices that were great enough to step in and make the sequel even better since it had a bigger feel to it and a hint of both redemption and a feeling of vindication that was sorely needed. No matter what anyone says about this movie since sequels are known for being a step down more often than not, it was a feel-good experience that was easily able to make a person tear up if they were willing to let the feeling sink in. 

The story starts out showing that Buster Moon’s group is still fairly intact, though at least one of the performers, Ash, has gone out on her own. The performers go through a different rendition of Alice in Wonderland with Meena as Alice and the others showing up as very recognizable characters from the story. As the performance is still going, Buster is made aware that a critic that has attended the show is getting up to leave, prompting him to chase her down and ask how she liked the show. When the scout, Suki, tells Buster that his group isn’t good enough to make it in the big time, Buster is crushed, at least until Nana, his supporter and the former opera star from the first movie, reminds him that it takes guts and drive to push forward when someone knocks you down.

This is all it takes for Buster to gather the group to make their way to the big city where they audition for the ruthless Jimmy Crystal, who is swayed when Gunter mentions the name Clay Calloway, who happens to be a reclusive rock star that virtually disappeared after the passing of his wife. To make a long story short, Crystal gives Moon and his group a chance to put on their show, providing that they can retrieve Calloway and make him a part of it. As the pressure begins to mount it’s discovered that Rosita is scared of heights, Porsha Crystal, Jimmy’s daughter, is given a starring role in the play, and things are seen to spiral out of control as Johnny needs to learn how to dance and Meena finds it tough to perform a scene where she has to kiss another actor. When Miss Crawley is chased off by Calloway after finding his home, Moon and Ash make their way to the rock star’s home. Moon has to return to the show, Ash stays and eventually convinces Calloway to return to the stage. Meanwhile, Crystal makes it clear to Moon that if he doesn’t come through with this show, he’ll be finished, literally. 

Things tend to work out however as the show begins to take form as Johnny, Meena, and Rosita regain their confidence, while Porsha is given another role to play, and Buster decides to stand up to Crystal and host the show for free in Crystal’s own building. It’s amusing to see that Johnny calls in his father and the gang for backup, which means that the play can go on unabated. As people file into the auditorium, the show begins and goes off without a hitch until Rosita nearly suffers a panic attack when it comes time to jump from a platform (while wearing a wire). When Crystal tosses Moon off of a different platform, Rosita jumps and saves him, and the show continues as in the final act, Ash walks out on stage and begins to sing. She’s soon joined by Calloway, who emerges to astounding applause as the crowd goes wild. Those that aren’t close to tearing up at this point might be made of stone to be fair since it is an emotional moment. 

As I mentioned above, this sequel is something that hits a person fully in the feels even if they can’t feel it, and the effect is hard to miss. It doesn’t really surpass the first movie, but it does manage to compliment the overall story in a big way. The addition of several noted celebrities helped to move things along and give the story a new sense of life that it kind of needed to succeed. If there is a third movie to come, it’s going to have a serious uphill struggle if it’s meant to top this movie. 

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