10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Show “Mountain Monsters”

10 Things You Didn’t Know about the Show “Mountain Monsters”

Mountain Monsters is definitely one of those shows that make it easy to lob critical potshots at largely because it seems like a bunch of good ol’ boys just getting together to come up with a show that can make them some money by playing on fear and superstition. The show ended up being about things like Bigfoot, Hogzilla, the Headless Horror, and all sorts of things that could be ascribed to the overactive imagination of those that have nothing better to do. It’s not entirely nice to be overly critical of a show like this, but at the same time it’s hard to refrain since it kind of brings this kind of talk on itself. It was no doubt an entertaining show that allowed peoples’ imaginations to run wild, but the idea of it makes drawing a few conclusions very easy.

Here’s a few things you might not have known about the show.

10. The show has never produced any hard evidence.

Despite anything they might have trapped being dubbed as a monster they still haven’t really managed to pull together any hard, definitive evidence that could lead people to believe that there are really any dangerous monsters up in the forests they search.

9. The show usually begins with eyewitness accounts of the monsters that the crew is going after.

These eyewitness accounts unfortunately are usually those folks that either live up in the mountains and are looking for some publicity or those that aren’t entirely reliable due to one reason or another. There are a lot of reasons why eyewitnesses aren’t reliable but it’s not always polite to point them out.

8. They lay traps for the monsters to capture them.

The elaborate and sometimes very simple traps that are laid out for the monsters are meant to detain them and not kill them, which in some cases doesn’t seem particularly wise considering how dangerous some of them are supposed to be. While it wouldn’t be much of a show if they killed off every monster they found it still begs the question of going after something so deadly with non-lethal attempts.

7. The show has had an ongoing feud with another program.

The program Finding Bigfoot has been feuding with Mountain Monsters for a while as they’ve gone back and forth trying to dispute each others claims and state who’s better at doing their job. It’s really more of a professional dispute rather than one that’s interested in finding the truth.

6. It’s been claimed to be scripted.

Just about every reality show ever created has run afoul of this rumor and unfortunately a lot of them have been found to be almost entirely scripted with only a few deviations from the truth. The main problem is in the acting when delivering the lines, as it’s a little too obvious when someone isn’t being themselves and is simply too stiff versus being loose and able to adapt to any situation.

5. The show ran for 5 seasons.

It did manage to last for 5 seasons somehow and a lot of it has to do with the fact that there were enough people that wanted to watch it. That’s the one thing that can be counted on with just about any show, people will watch until they find out that it’s not what they think it is, and then they’ll look for something else.

4. The show tended to operate under the belief that various monsters were real.

A lot of people want to believe that these monsters are real, but then it becomes less than plausible since the team has to have a film crew on hand and there’s not a lot of chance that something that’s so naturally reclusive is going to show up just to say hi to the camera. Plus the lack of evidence is pretty telling.

3. The best footage ever gotten was blurred and quick images that were hard to decipher.

This ‘evidence’ is usually so degraded, blurry, or somehow unidentifiable that people almost have to make things up when looking at pictures and then there’s the possibility that things have been doctored up to appear more menacing or somehow realistic so that people can honestly believe that it’s something beyond their own experience.

2. The team did trap a few creatures.

They managed to play it up to act as though they had bagged something truly unique but for the most part they bagged forest animals that wandered into their traps and didn’t know any better. Thinking they could trap anything big enough and strong enough to require weapons on hand makes it seem just a little more fake.

1. There was another team trying to sabotage the AIMS.

The ROGUE team was always attempting to undermine the AIMS team by messing with their traps and spying on them to see what they were up to.

All in all it might have been an entertaining show but it was just another reality show.

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