10 things You Didn’t Know About Moriah Plath

10 things You Didn’t Know About Moriah Plath

Moriah Plath

Moriah Plath is the daughter of Kim and Barry Plath, and she appears with her family on the reality television series “Welcome to Plathville.” She is one of the older children in the family and she is already becoming a celebrity because of her role in the series. Fans of Moriah want to know more about her, and although most of the children in the family have led an extremely sheltered life, their lives have been very interesting. Here are 10 things that you need to know about Moriah Plath.

1. Moriah Plath is the lead singer for her family’s band

The Plath Family Band was formed by parents Barry and Kim Plath. Their children are all musically inclined and very talented. Their group features an 11-piece ensemble of all-family members who sing and play instruments. They do some traveling and performing in a folk-style gospel musical group. Moriah is the lead singer for the group.

2. Moriah has a reputation for being the rebel

Moriah Plath has just turned 18 and she is now of legal age. It has been reported that she is the rebel in her family. It is expected that this is going to add more drama to the reality television series, as her brother Ethan’s new wife and her consumption of sugary products is something that Kim has already had a problem with.

3. Moriah doesn’t agree with all her parents’ values

Moriah is the second oldest daughter in the Plath family. She stated in an interview that she does not have anything against her parents, but she did add that she does not agree with “everything they say and think.” Her father believes that she is opinionated but he doesn’t venture beyond making that statement. He’s a peaceful kind of guy so one wouldn’t expect him to say anything harsh about one of his kids.

4. Moriah wants to spread her wings

Moriah is just at the beginning of her adult life, still a teenager, but turning 18 makes her an adult in the eyes of the law. She has a passion for singing, which she is very good at, as well as dancing. She also indicated that she wants to travel. She is ready, at least in her mind, to explore the world around her and find out what it’s all about.

5. Moriah is an actress

Of course, all of the Plaths are reality television personalities, but Moriah has gone out to become a bona fide actress in a short drama film. The title of the project is “You Should Be There.” It was released on November 2, 2018. This is her debut film role and she plays the part of a character called Brittany. The film is about a man who must choose between helping a stranger in childbirth or his runaway daughter. So far, Moriah has just one credit in her acting portfolio, but we all have to start somewhere.

6. There is a lot about the world that Moriah doesn’t understand

As she begins her venture into adulthood and the world around her, Moriah Plath is going into somewhat of an unknown zone. Being raised in a home by strict Christian parents and homeschooled, she hasn’t done a lot of interacting with peers her own age who are not either member of the same religion or family members. She hasn’t had enough exposure to other people to really understand diversity and the fact that people can be very different and think in different ways. This can be difficult to adapt to, but it’s something that she will learn if she ventures too far from her family.

7. She grew up without television

Moriah and her siblings were not allowed to watch television when they were growing up. This means that they didn’t have a favorite weekly program and they have no frame of reference for many of the pop culture icons that exist within society. They’ve been extremely sheltered from all of these things so there are many conversations that she won’t understand, especially if people are talking about their favorite television series or films growing up.

8. Moriah didn’t have any electronics growing up

She also didn’t get to use a cell phone or play any video games as a child. Moriah’s parents believed that it was better for the kids to be creative and find their own forms of entertainment while they were growing up. this meant no cell phones, no video games and so when people are talking about these things in everyday conversation, Moriah will have no frame of reference.

9. She has her own ideas about life

Even though Moriah Plath has limited experience in the world outside of her parents’ farm, she is beginning to gain more experience. She is spreading her wings and it’s unclear whether or not she will use them to fly. While she doesn’t agree with everything her parents have taught her, she isn’t disrespectful about it either. It’s just that she has her own ideas of what is right, what is wrong and about the things that she enjoys such as ballroom dancing and other types of performing arts.

10. Moriah is close to her sister-in-law

Moriah has found a friend in her brother Ethan’s wife Olivia. She is more modern and she has experienced many of the simple pleasures that Moriah longs to learn about. Although Moriah has been labeled a rebel, she’s just a girl who is ready to learn about a world that she has previously been denied access to. Although her parents have been well-intentioned, now it is her turn to start making these choices, and if need be, making her own mistakes and learning from them.

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