Whatever Happened to Whip Hubley?

Whatever Happened to Whip Hubley?

If you believe that the framework of Hollywood is built upon the actors that have come before then Whip Hubley is one of those whose career is among the largely forgotten since he’s apparently been retired since 2013 but left behind a list of credits that anyone can look at. He had a solid career, to be honest, and was someone that was obviously reliable for smaller movies and TV roles, but from that point, it felt as though he might have been lacking in something that kept him from going any further with his career. It sounds dismissive to say such a thing but the truth of it is that he did fit in at one point and once he decided to walk away all the kind of just sat there collecting dust as a lot of careers tend to do when there’s no one to tend to them. He’ll continue to be remembered by history as someone that managed to walk onto the set once upon a time, and there are likely those that do recall his acting and might have even thought that he would go much further than he did, but in the entertainment industry one is either rising, moving forward, or they’re bound to fall from grace for one reason or another. The upside is that it would appear the Whips career was still pretty solid up until he called it quits, and he did avoid any major controversies during his time in the business, which is hard for a lot of people to do throughout the length of their career.

If nothing else that’s one thing that many celebrities should hope for during their career, the ability to steer wide of any possible controversies that might arise from one aspect of their life or another. Too many actors tend to get caught up in one ill-advised mess or another when it comes to their professional or personal life, and for many, it can become a living nightmare that they can’t get away from fast enough. But apart from being thought to be gay at one time, Whip was relatively clean since he didn’t really attract trouble and he didn’t go looking for it apparently. One could try to say that this has changed greatly over time, that celebrities have taken to actually inviting the drama at times, but the truth is that controversy in Hollywood has been ongoing since the whole mess started since it makes for convincing and attractive headlines and it’s something that journalists and the like can work with to sell more newspapers or subscriptions. But with Whip there probably weren’t a lot of headlines detailing what had happened in his life or what he’d done other than whatever was going on with his career at that point, and it sounds as though there was nothing that was so exceedingly negative that it couldn’t just be forgotten the next day.

The reason why people walk away from the spotlight is usually something along the lines of disillusionment or that they can’t see themselves continuing, so they up and go. It’s a personal decision most times since people have to do what’s right for them and decide what path they want to travel in life. Some folks might think it’s insane to step away from Hollywood when it should be able to grant so many the opportunities that they want, but it’s a job just like anything else. Unfortunately, unlike anything else, it’s a job that requires a lot of personal sacrifice and there are plenty of people that can handle it for a while but after long enough they’re ready to head out. Whip was a part of enough movies and TV shows such as Top Gun, Executive Decision, and Further Tales of the City, and showed that he could in fact hang with those that were bound for stardom and were being groomed to be great. But for one reason or another, he made his final exit nearly 8 years ago and hasn’t been seen since. If he ever does come back it might be simply for a reunion for something he’s done in the past, a friendly face to be there to support a future endeavor or talk about the good old days. That would be fitting since he’s earned that distinction, but if we do see him it would still be surprising since it appears that he’s been content to stay away from life for a while now, and after that much time a lot of people don’t tend to come back unless there’s a solid reason.

At this point, it’s best to look back at his career and remember those moments when one can remember Whip being at his best and contributing to one of the many movies and shows he starred in and say thanks.

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