And Now Fans Want Timothee Chalamet in an Edward Scissorhands Reboot

And Now Fans Want Timothee Chalamet in an Edward Scissorhands Reboot

And Now Fans Want Timothee Chalamet in an Edward Scissorhands Reboot

At the moment it feels as though everyone has Timothee Chalamet on the mind thanks to his appearance as Edgar Scissorhands in the Super Bowl commercial that he and Winona Ryder appeared in. The fact that fans are now thinking that an Edward Scissorhands reboot would be a good idea isn’t the strange part, it’s the fact that no one is even giving a thought to the dynamics of Edward and Kim having a kid. It’s a little too obvious to point out how impossible it is, especially since even movie magic would be pushing its limits to bring such a thing about. But this happened a while back with Joe Keery from Stranger Things as well, when he performed the scene from Ferris Bueller that saw him racing his sister home before he was caught out and about by his parents. Those that are getting excited and those that are getting up in arms about any possibility of a reboot need to calm themselves since at this time a Ferris Bueller reboot hasn’t been pushed in a serious manner, so it’s easy to think that Edward Scissorhands might be just as safe. But then again, the word is that someone is attempting to reboot The Wizard of Oz, so apparently anything and everything is fair game just like always.

It might sound like a broken record that’s stuck on a certain track at this point, but it needs to keep being said since the lack of innovation this would show, no matter how different a reboot might be, is why some folks are losing a great deal of faith in Hollywood. There are plenty of upsides to a reboot since it can take a story in a new direction and possibly uncover more of the story than people realized there was, to begin with. But the downside is that with each new vision and new perspective, there’s a good chance of the original story being broken down and disassociated from the new story that’s being created. While it might sound paranoid, the fact is that this has happened to a few stories that have been rebooted, and way too many fans have simply accepted it and moved on, which is a huge disservice to the original story that made the reboot possible. There are plenty of people who will shake their heads and claim that this is just the way of things, that ideas have to change, and they’re not wrong. But taking inspiration from a story that was just fine as it was and creating something new is an endeavor that’s worthy of the cinema while rehashing old stories that don’t need much, if any, help to remain pleasing to the people is kind of asking for negative reviews and the ire of the people that enjoyed the movie the first time around.

Movie magic should be able to do just about anything since it defies expectations, reality, and pretty much whatever it needs to in order to work. And there might even be a way to explain how Kim could give birth to and raise a son of Edward’s, but it would need such a huge suspension of belief on the part of the audience, and such a break with reality and even sanity that it would be nearly impossible for even the best director to make it work in a satisfactory way. As a Super Bowl commercial, it’s kind of goofy and pleasing at the same time since it introduces an idea that might have come up while people were just tossing things out and came up with a thought that might have been deemed as the most appealing. It would be an experience to be in the writer’s room within any given studio no doubt since it might be nonsensical to hectic to crazy enough to make a person wonder what was going through the heads of those making the commercials. Something like this had to be developed and sorted out so that it could come off as pleasing and not too cringe-worthy, and it also had to depend on getting two of the most well-known stars in Hollywood simply because during the Super Bowl it’s expected to see big commercials with big stars these days since this is how people pay attention apparently and how they’re influenced into buying anything. Because nothing says Cadillac like Edward Scissorhands. I get it, he needs special help in doing certain things, and a keyless start is the point. But the fact that this has sparked a debate over whether or not this Tim Burton classic should be rebooted or not is more proof that people don’t always think for themselves and tend to jump on the first bandwagon they can find. Hopefully, calmer heads prevail and we’ll learn that there’s no chance of a reboot.

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