Money Heist: The 9 Most Emotional Moments

Money Heist: The 9 Most Emotional Moments

Money Heist: The 9 Most Emotional Moments

In the real world, there’s no love for robbers and thieves. In Money Heist, it’s hard not to fall hard for these characters despite the fact that they are robbing the nation’s financial institutions at gunpoint. This Netflix series was originally launched in Spanish countries but performed horribly. However, in the United States, Money Heist is one of the top ten shows on the Netflix platform, and rightly so. Check out our compilation of the top nine emotional scenes throughout all five seasons of the show.

1. Tokyo Loses Her Boyfriend

In Season 1, in the opening scene, Tokyo replays her boyfriend getting gunned down by a security officer after they rob a bank. His lifeless body lying in a pool of blood haunts her every time she tries to close her eyes. The emotional distraught she expresses at losing her significant other is quite emotional for the viewers as well especially people who have actually felt the pain of losing a mate.

2. Berlin pushes Tokyo outside

When Berlin pushes Tokyo outside handing her over to the cops most of us are devastated. The narcissistic psychopath always knows how to push the right buttons. When he delivers Tokyo to the authorities her fate is left up in the air. Will she spend the rest of her life in prison or will she reveal the professor’s identity since she has already been betrayed?

3. Moscow dies

Moscow suffers a fatal gunshot wound while helping Tokyo reenter the Royal Mint. Moscow is a lovable character and he’s also Denver’s dad. Moscow is the only living family that Denver has and he can’t deal with the possibility of losing his father. Eventually, Monica helps him see that he should spend his dad’s last moments with him rather than trying to save him by digging out the tunnel. Moscow dies in his son’s arms. This is one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the second season.

4. Rene recounts his torture

When Rene was arrested and taken into captivity he endured inhumane torturing that changed him. When he recounts the horrific things the government did to him to Monica his stories are truly heartbreaking.

5. Nairobi gets shot

The negotiator is playing dirty. She tracks down Nairobi’s son who she hasn’t seen in years and brings him to the site. When Nairobi catches a glimpse of her son out the window the snipers shoot her. There’s blood everywhere and when we discover that the bullet is lodged in her lung, the likelihood of her making it out alive seems slim. However, the professor manages to get a surgeon to guide his people through the surgery to remove the bullet from her lung and she survives. What an emotional rollercoaster.

6. Berlin’s sacrifice

Berlin’s sacrifice was so unexpected but emotional. While the crew is attempting to escape through the tunnel they end up in a standoff with the police. Berlin makes the ultimate sacrifice so that everyone can safely get away. and blocks the police passage and in turn, they fill his body up with bullets. Berlin’s character was self-serving so it was surprising to see him make such a sacrifice. But he is the Professor’s brother which makes this scene even more emotional.

7. Nairobi is killed

After surviving a gunshot wound, most of us thought Nairobi was in the clear. Gandhi one of the bodyguards of the mayor gets free and he uses Nairobi as a pawn for his safety against the crew. However, when they lower their guns and allow him to escape, he shoots an unarmed Nairobi point-blank in the head killing her instantly. Nairobi’s death is one of the most devastating losses to the series especially since the Professor agreed to let her use his semen so that she could fulfill her pressing desire to be a mother again. This blow is almost too much for the crew to take and they are out for blood. The Professor reminds them that they don’t hurt people and he wants to try and refrain from killing him.

8. The Professor believes Raquel is dead

When the Professor hears Raquel supposedly get executed it’s as if a knife has been shoved through his heart. He stops in his tracks and falls right to the ground. The pain and agony he feels are so real that the viewer can almost feel his exact emotions.

9. The professor gets caught

Throughout the seasons the professor has always been somewhat untouchable. To see him get jammed up by the pregnant police officer is heartbreaking and there isn’t much hope that he’ll make it out of this jam because she’s just as smart and cunning as he is. The thought of the Professor going to jail is too much to bear.

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