Modern Family 1.06 Recap – Run for Your Wife

117405_5883_preIt is important to note that this week’s Modern Family was originally schedule to air earlier and was shot that way that is why the plot surrounds the first day of school. Check out what happened last night….

It’s the first day of school, and Claire has packed all the lunches and Luke and Phil are doing some summer bonding in the last minute before he tells them he has got a summer homework assignment he has not done. It is a journal about every single day and what he did. Problem but Gloria is excited for Manny to go to the 5th grade. Jay is ready to take off but Manny comes down in a poncho, not what Jay wants to see. No school for Lily, but Mitchell and Cameron are still doing stuff with her, Cameron is doing a photo essay of Lily in pop icon costumes. Mitchell not so happy about this, so Cameron lets him get loose with some music and a baby but that does not happen so well when he hits her head on the wall. Uh oh.

Alex is ready to go with her cello and gear, with Haley getting driving lessons. She is not the best driver to say the least and I can see why with Claire and Phil not giving her much positive criticism. Also, Jay is not really happy about Manny’s poncho while Gloria is so proud.

Mitchell is a little worried about what could have happened even though Lily seems fine, after calling Claire who thinks she is fine, they decided to go to the doctors. Jay has the day off and wants to take Gloria out for a getaway at the Club. But while out of the car, Gloria finds that Jay made Manny take of his dress so they have to take a little detour to the school. Another person with they day off is Phil and he is taken the day to annoy Claire as she wants to read her book. Claire is also going on a run but Phil thinks that he is so much faster, so they decide to race this afternoon. Who will win?

Mitchell and Cam are at the doctors. The doctor is Asian and seeing how Lily is also, Cam feels the need to talk about how much of her heritage will be incorporated into their parenting, but the doc is from Denver. She says nothing is wrong with the baby, and they head outside to the car, after the doctor gives a lesson to Michell by having to show her what happened to the baby, by banging his head on the wall. At the car, they get Lily inside, and Mitchell feels he is not a good father but Cam reassures him that they are both great at being dads and they are both new at this. But things go a little awry as the door closes and locks, but Lily is inside.

Gloria and Jay pull Manny out of class to give him the poncho and Jay apologizes for his attitude, but Gloria says it is going to far when Manny wants to play at Columbia flute song for his class, now that is too much. To stop him, Jay “accidentally”breaks it. The school day ends and Alex and Luke come home just as Claire and Phil get started, the race is going to be epic!

Mitchell gets the car service to unlock the door but it was a little late after Cam is just about to break the car open with a trash can. Claire is so ahead in the race but she realizes that as she sees Phil’s “Greatest Dad” t-shirt that he is just as upset that the kids are not in the house anymore. So she loses the race to make her husband feel better but that does not last long after he gets hit in the driveway as Haley’s was pulling in. Ouch.

The episode concludes as Claire tells us that it is sad for everyone when kids move to school for the day, and it just makes her reliaze while parenting is the best job ever. She might not be thinking that however while Haley’s practicing with the family in the car, a cop wants to pull them over and instead of pulling over, she speeds up. Not a good idea.

That was another funny installment, new episode next week!

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