What We Know About Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 So Far

What We Know About Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 So Far

Curb Your Enthusiasm is here again with a new season after a five-year hiatus.  Last Monday, HBO announced the return of the new season of the series and set its official date of premiere to be October 1, 2017.  The first episode will break the tradition and make Larry play a slightly fictional version of himself. But details about season 9 of this series are really scant. It is now clear that David will be the show runner while Jeff Garlin will be the executive producer. Jeff Schaffer will share the job with Jeff Garlin. It has also been revealed that Alec Berg and David Mandel won’t have a role on the show due to commitment on other HBO comedies. Considering the high note the season 8 finale concluded with and the time that has elapsed since it last aired, the diehard fans of the series are awaiting the new season with great enthusiasm.

Here is what we know so far about the series:

Who is the Joke?

Chris Williams will maintain his role in the ninth episode as rapper Krazee-Eyez Killa. Iris Bahr who starred as Rachel Heinemann in season 5 will also repeat her role in season 9 premiere episode. Since being near a man at dusk is against her religion, Rachel will jump off a ski lift she’ll be sharing with Larry, badly injuring herself in the process. Lauren Graham, the star from Gilmore Girls, will also have a recurring role in season 9 and will be Rachel’s fierce arch rival.

Larry will be scammed by a Russian woman in an online dating stint gone awry.  This will pave way for other roles he will be playing in the remaining episodes of the season.

It seems that a lot of stars are going to reprise their roles in this new season. Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson will reprise their roles as a married couple which has been featured in 18 of 80 episodes in previous seasons. The couple is going to stir things a little bit in their relationship. They will have a special episode named Ted and Mary. The episode will be fully dedicated to this couple, presenting their audience a rare opportunity of looking into the events taking place in their marriage. Since The Hot Towel was the last episode that the two were really together as a couple, we are going to see their marriage bloom again in the new season.

Smoove and Susie Essman (Susie) are going to reprise their roles as well; they will be a compliment to Mary and Ted. But the reprisal that wasn’t expected was the return of Richard Lewis who is going to bump heads with his enemy, Larry. He has gone on record to promise he will never lose a fight again. In yet another twist, it turns out that Cheryl will repeat her role after divorcing Larry in the previous Season but, of course, not as his fiancé in Season 9. But what we already know is the fact that she is going to pursue other things and not a relationship.

When is Curb Your Enthusiasms Season 9 hitting the screens?

It is now clear that the series will begin airing on October 1, 2017. In the United States, it will be airing at 10 pm. It is going to mark a six-year gap in airing since it left in 2011 and exactly 17 years since it first debuted on HBO. It is now officially the Channel’s longest running comedy series so far.

How many episodes this time?

Season 9 will have just 10 episodes.

What about the costumes?

It was thought that the season might make some changes on how the cast dresses. It is now known that all special actors will retain their old attire with Larry retaining his Roman robes and an olive wreath on his head.

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