Five Modern Actors Who could Star in a Remake of ‘The Mummy’

Five Modern Actors Who could Star in a Remake of ‘The Mummy’

Mummy reboot

It almost feels as though The Mummy needs to be shelved for a while in order to really get the story nailed down and make it possible for someone to come along with a fresh idea or at the very least a decent idea that will revive this franchise in a way that will be acceptable. To be completely honest, Tom Cruise’s version wasn’t absolutely horrible, but it definitely didn’t get a lot of love from the fans. Maybe they had already forgotten that The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor wasn’t exactly a smash hit since the story was kind of ‘meh’. But in any case, if there is another Mummy movie to come it would definitely benefit from a few changes that might, hopefully, become a little more accurate to Egyptian culture and possibly find actors that could really dig into their roles as they did in the version that came out in the 1999 version. It would be great to see something darker and more serious than Brendan Fraser’s take, even if this takes it out of the family-friendly zone. It’s a monster movie after all, not a cartoon.  Here are a few actors that might be able to play the Mummy. 

5. Idris Elba

This is kind of a wild stab in the dark since it’s hard to say whether Idris would even take the role or if people would rant and rave if he received the offer. But then again, they’d rant and rave over something no matter what it was, so it’s fair to say that he could make it work if he really wanted it, and some people might even find it necessary to state something along the lines that it’s justified seeing a man of color take on the role of a character that actually comes from Africa. That sounds horrible, I know, but there are plenty of people that would make it a point to say something insipid like this. But really, Idris could make it work. 

4. Riz Ahmed

For some reason his face came to mind when thinking about this, not because of his nationality (he was raised in the UK), but because there is a quality to his acting and his look that makes it apparent that he might be able to pull such a role off. Riz can accomplish more than a few different roles but after watching him in Venom it does feel that he can pull off sinister and threatening quite well, and it might be that he could fill this role in a way that many others couldn’t. Some folks have a look about them that makes it clear that if they really wanted to look angry and menacing they could without a problem. 

3. Rami Malek

It does feel as though some folks might be confused by this pick since Rami Malek does kind of look like one of the last guys on earth that could look menacing enough to play a character like the Mummy. But consider this, he’s played a Bond villain, which means that he has what it takes to be menacing and to make it convincing. He could also be kind of a surprise to a lot of people if he were to be given this type of role, and it would be kind of fun to watch him assume such a position to see if he could make the jump into monster movies. Please don’t say he did by acting in Twilight…just don’t. 

2. Ralph Fiennes

He’s played the bad guy a few times so it’s not hard to think that he could play this part since this guy is built to be menacing and he has the face that a lot of people still associate with Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. Plus, even if there was a bit of backlash from people about the fact that he’s white, so what? Arnold Vosloo took on the role of the Mummy in the 1999 version, and Boris Karloff played the character in the 1932 version. It doesn’t matter who plays the monster so long as they can act, and Ralph Fiennes is a guy that can definitely act, so there’s one big problem solved. 

1. Jude Law

Casting Jude Law almost makes me feel as though he’d be a strange cross between a vampire and a mummy since his look isn’t quite as solid as the others but at the same time he can definitely be menacing. But putting all that aside, Jude is definitely someone that could play this role and be an absolute charmer, which would go a long way to changing things around since the main monster in the last few movies has been anything but. Just imagine a smooth-talking, ancient Egyptian mummy that was brought back to life. Sure he’d be ruthless, but if he could be a suave, sophisticated individual it might be worth writing. 


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