10 Things You Didn’t Know about Idris Elba

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Idris Elba

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Idris Elba

Idris Elba has been on a role in the last several years and has had numerous films in which he’s been one of the biggest if not the biggest star on the roster. A lot of people have flocked to his banner and been thoroughly impressed by him thanks to the type of acting ability he’s shown and the calm, cool, and collected manner he’s delivered each line with. There have been those films that weren’t considered all that great and he’s rolled with them as much as possible, but the successes he’s had have been more than enough to keep him moving forward and ignore or at least disregard the criticism that comes with some of them. His ability to catch the attention of those watching is something that has allowed him to build a career that just seems to be getting better as the years continue to roll by.

Here are a few things that people might not have known about him.

10. He’s an only child.

Being an only child usually means that parents will either spoil a kid or that they grow up somewhat lonely and possibly shy and reserved since there’s not a lot of people in the house to interact with. But Idris seems to have taken that all in stride as he’s grown into the kind of man that doesn’t seem to feel alienated by his upbringing in any way.

9. Idris is the only man that’s ever been on the cover of Maxim magazine.

This magazine is usually printed featuring women on the cover as it’s meant to draw the attention of men, and as a result men are never ever featured on the cover. Idris is the first and only man to be given this distinction by Maxim.

8. He worked as a bouncer for a while.

This is just one of the many jobs he’s had while attempting to pass the time between acting jobs since like everyone else he’s got bills to pay and a reputation to build. As of now you might never find him working a regular job again, but back in the day when he was trying to get established he did his best to earn a paycheck.

7. He has absolutely no formal acting training.

He’s been acting for a while but he’s never gained the type of formal training that many people in the business have had for years on end. This is more than a little impressive since it means that his skill is coming straight out of his own experience and is more innate than learned. That’s something to be proud of honestly.

6. When meeting fans he’s used his American accent a lot.

This has been especially true when he’s been talking to fans of The Wire, as he doesn’t want to ruin the illusion. He does have a very pronounced London accent however and can switch back and forth pretty easily.

5. He’s all about the character he’s playing when on a film set.

What this means is that he gets into character in a way that some people try to fit into a nicely tailored suit, he wants it to fit right, wants it to be comfortable, and he wants to be able to move around in it to gain the feel that he needs to make it ultimately useful. A lot of actors have their own methods when it comes to getting into character, with different variations on a lot of styles.

4. Idris doesn’t really draw much attention unless people recognize him.

He can actually sit in a pub or anywhere else and a lot of folks might not recognize him. This doesn’t bother him, it’s the fact that people will go nuts when they do recognize him and start gushing. He doesn’t really care for sycophantic behavior.

3. He has a bit of a foot fetish.

Oddly enough this was discovered when he was shooting a movie with Kate Winslet and a love scene was required. Everyone has their thing and it’s not for anyone else to judge but this does seem like a weird time for something like this to come out. It could have been something a lot weirder to be honest but it’s still something that might have raised a couple of eyebrows.

2. Daniel Craig is actually the person that mentioned that Idris should be the next James Bond.

To gain the kind of recommendation one might want from a guy that’s actually played the character and been loved by so many fans is a huge up that filmmakers would be crazy to discount if the spot ever opens up.

1. He was a DJ at one time.

Idris was spinning records when he was about 19 years old and he did this for a while while he was going to skill and working on his acting career.

He is without a doubt one of the hottest acts in all show business right now.

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