10 Things You Didn’t Know About Shea Wigham

Shea Wigham

When you look at Shea Wigham it almost appears as though he’s in a constantly foul mood, as though his characters aren’t allowed to have any fun in the movie or maybe that he’s made to suck on a particularly juicy lemon before getting into character. Thankfully that’s not the case but all the same he does play a lot of very serious, dour characters that tend to be the gloom and doom type in the movies he’s in, though he has had a chance to play other characters that have more of a diverse set of emotions and can and do contribute quite a bit to the project. Likely as not you’ve seen this guy in a lot of different movies and even a healthy number of TV shows since he’s been around and has managed to act with some of the best actors and directors in the business. He’s not always the biggest star in the room but he does tend to project himself in a way that lets you know he’s there.

Here are a few things about Shea you might not have known.

10. He doesn’t look at what he does as a job.

Some would say that this is a wise idea since the moment it starts becoming a job something can get awfully boring unless your passion is great enough to make it into something else that allows you to walk in with your head up and a great amount of expectation for the day ahead.

9. There’s a plan to bring him on for the next couple of Mission: Impossible movies.

For one it’s enough to make a person roll their eyes to think that there’s going to be that many MI movies, but on the other hand putting Shea in there might be interesting since there’s no telling just what part he’ll be taking yet or how the movies will make use of him given that it looks as though he’ll be a part of at least two of them.

8. His filmography is really impressive.

Shea hasn’t been idle during his time in show business and it shows since his resume is filled with titles that have utilized him in one way or another as going down the list one can see that he’s been a part of some great movies and some that aren’t so memorable.

7. He has a net worth of around $7 million.

This isn’t too surprising since he’s been making himself valuable in the show business industry for a while and has likely amassed a good deal of wealth just playing supporting roles and bit parts that allow him a little more freedom and a chance to gain more experience as he moves onto bigger and better roles.

6. He’s showed up in a lot of high-profile shows and movies.

From Death Note on Netflix to Silver Linings Playbook to Boardwalk Empire he’s been in a lot of different projects that have showcased his character in a big way and made him an integral part of the cast for as long as his character was allowed to stick around, which in some cases is almost from start to finish.

5. He’s currently in his 50s.

It’s got to be said that he looks good for his age since being in his 50s he still appears to have a lot of good years left to him and could possibly keep acting in action movies and dramas alike so long as he stays healthy and takes care of himself.

4. Shea isn’t all that big on social media.

It does appear that he’s not so up on social media that he really has a lot of followers but then there are those that don’t really go in for the whole social media hype and it’s hard to blame them since there are times when social media is more like a trap than blessing considering how many people lie in wait with opinions they think mean something.

3. His Rotten Tomatoes score goes from one extreme to the other.

Usually this isn’t something to think twice about since Rotten Tomatoes is yet another critic site that can get it wrong just as much as it gets it right and when gauging actors this site is about as useless as a water-flavored popsicle.

2. He helped to co-found a New York City theater troupe.

Obviously acting has been something he’s cared about for a long time now since he was looking to start something up when he was much younger and he hasn’t stopped ever since. The kind of dedication and drive it takes to stick with something for so long is pretty inspiring.

1. Boardwalk was his first time on TV.

It might be hard to believe but when you think about it some folks go right to the big screen and don’t even touch TV roles for years after.

You might notice him a little more now that you recall just who he is.

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