Harvey Weinstein and Uma Thurman At the Kill Bill: Volume 2 premier in 2004.

Harvey Weinstein and Uma Thurman At the Kill Bill: Volume 2 premier in 2004.

There are no more pleasant words, if there were ever any to begin with, between Harvey Weinstein and Uma Thurman. As you can note from this picture of the two of them at the Kill Bill: Vol. 2 premier in 2004 she appears to be less than thrilled by his touch despite her smile. Sorry folks, you can spin it any way you want to, but a clenched fist such as that when someone’s touching you doesn’t signify that they’re liking it all that much. Plus, Harvey looks like he has a pretty firm grip on her wrists and might not let go if she’d attempted to pull away too soon.

Just recently Uma decided to finally speak out about Weinstein in a calm, controlled, and very scathing manner. She’s simply glad that things are progressing so slowly as Weinstein is doing his best to appear innocent and in need of treatment. Her desire is obviously to see him squirm since a bullet would be too quick and too good for the likes of him. I get the feeling that she’s not the only woman that feels this way, and will no doubt be glad to hear if he is ever sent to something other than what some might call country club jail or house arrest.

With the statute of limitations on such cases however, providing none of them happened in the last 180 days to a year, which seems to be the maximum amount of time allotted for a case to be filed. Chances are he will be given treatment, he will be forced to lose more than he’s already lost, and could possibly be ruined completely. Some might argue that he’s almost to that point as it is. After all he was fired from his own company and his wife left him, so he’s lost a great deal right there.

It doesn’t sound like enough by a long shot after listening to the women that are accusing him of sexual harassment years ago. Uma Thurman’s voice is one more to add to the fire that is now consuming Weinstein’s livelihood, and it’s one that isn’t about to let up so long as she manages to keep her composure.  The issue of what Weinstein did, no matter how vehemently he denies it, is something that has spread through Hollywood like a disease at this point, exposing areas that had been rotten for a long, long time and finally bringing to them to light as more and more people, not just women, have spoken up.

The argument of why they didn’t speak out until now is in many ways ridiculous, but one explanation is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to ruin a person in Hollywood. Word of mouth, and now social media, can be used in many different ways to destroy a person’s reputation and by extension their career. A person that’s been scorned, particularly those that are higher up and carry a great deal of influence in Hollywood, are in a great position to do maximum damage to an actor’s reputation with but a word.

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