Why Angar the Screamer Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

Why Angar the Screamer Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

Why Angar the Screamer Deserves a Solo Movie or TV Series

Angar the Screamer isn’t quite as odd of a character as he sounds like, but he is one of those that can use his voice to a strange effect since when he screams the sound acts as a hallucinogenic effect that can affect all those within his range. In terms of fighting and intelligence, he’s not a dummy and he’s not a genius, but he’s average and can handle himself against some opponents, even if he can be taken down by those that have a bit of martial prowess. In effect, it does sound as though Angar depends more on his voice than anything, which is bound to be enough since in normal humans the effect can last for around 12 hours, and those that hear the effect tend to become highly susceptible to suggestion. Angar’s origins are pretty simple since his powers were granted by Moondragon, a character that the MCU hasn’t introduced yet, in an effort to create another ally for herself. If someone as obscure as Angar could come in then it would be kind of easy to wonder when we would see Moondragon and where she might pop up. There are several characters in the Marvel universe that have very different voice powers, but not all of them can hypnotize with their voice, and a lot of them have been secondary characters that either haven’t lasted long or have been left behind at times in order to focus on other characters that are a little more popular.

It’s kind of tough to even think about where Angar should be placed when it comes to his introduction to the MCU if it ever came since it’s fair to state that a lot of people don’t know about him, and as a result, it’s not likely that he would drum up a lot of desire to be seen based just on his name and ability. Perhaps if Daredevil could be brought back it would be a great idea to put Angar into the mix with him, especially given that Daredevil is so highly susceptible to sonic attacks. That might actually be one of the most perfect things to do since pitting him against Daredevil would make for a great fight, but it might demand that Angar become a more capable fighter in order to give Daredevil a little more of a challenge and introduce Angar in a way that would be much more impressive. As far as being given his own movie or series it would require making certain that he could in fact prove his worth to the fans, who are in a big way responsible for who stays and who goes at times since it’s dependent on the reactions of the fans as to who will stick around and who just isn’t resonating the way they should.

Right at the moment, it doesn’t feel that Angar would be able to take on his own series, but he has been a part of the MCU if anyone can remember since he did show up in Agents of SHIELD. His appearance was a little more grotesque at that time but his ability was pretty accurate. So to be honest, since he’s already been seen and been able to use his power, it’s easy to think that he should be given another role that might pit him against some of the street-level heroes and possibly even against a few of the more powerful heroes to see how he would do. Imagine being able to hypnotize heroes such as Daredevil, the Punisher, or perhaps even a few of the Avengers if that would work. He’d be a bizarre enemy to go against, that much is for certain, but given that we’ve already seen villains such as Batroc the Leaper enter into the MCU it does feel as though Angar would be a little more successful since his power affects people on a very physical level and is something that would cancel out quite a few threats since even a whisper can be dangerous from Angar depending on which version would be introduced. In a franchise that’s continuously expanding and bringing forth heroes and villains that some people have never heard of, Angar would be one of those that might have a lot of potential since he’d be a nice surprise to spring on those that weren’t ready to see someone like him. In fact, when it comes to sonic powers there really haven’t been a lot of heroes or villains that have filled that niche since Black Bolt in the Inhumans and Banshee of X-Men: First Class, have been two of the most prominent individuals that can use their voice to devastating effect. Bringing Angar in would be great for a second season of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier perhaps, or something similar.

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