Five Modern Actors Who Could Portray Frankenstein’s Monster

It’s kind of interesting to think that people still need to be told that the monster in Frankenstein wasn’t the creature that was cobbled together from dead parts, but over time a lot of people have finally caught on. This is another story that has been told in numerous ways with a lot of different actors taking on the part. What’s unique about this story however is that man people get an image in their head of a monstrous, tall, and hulking monstrosity with stitches all over and oozing bits and parts to his body and the customary bolts in the neck that were there to perhaps conduct electricity and bring the monster to life. But it’s easy to state that the monster doesn’t need all the fancy looks that Boris Karloff made so famous, though there’s much respect to the legendary actor for his ability to bring this character to life. In the modern era, there have been several attempts to bring this creature back to the big screen and so far not a lot of them have panned out. But perhaps there are a few individuals that might be good enough to make it work. Here are a few modern actors that might be able to portray Frankenstein’s monster. 

5. Kevin Durand

In a lot of movies he’s played the part of the big guy that’s kind of rugged, rough, and in a lot of cases kind of a pain in the backside. But the point here is that he’s a big guy and he does have an intimidating look that might be enough to make the part work with a lot of makeup and his own spin on the character. He’s never really been seen as a character that’s entirely dull-witted, but it’s very possible that the classic version of the monster might be altered in some way so as to make it happen that he could be seen as fairly intelligent but still psychotic as well. Durand could play this part well in that case. 

4. Vince Vaughn

If anything, Vince Vaughn might make this character into a sympathetic individual that people might feel sorry for and might even think is worth viewing as the protagonist at one point. The story of Frankenstein has seen in so many different ways that it’s easy to think that another perspective might be a good idea to bring to the table, especially if it’s done in a manner that can really bring to mind a tragic story in which the monster suffers in a lot of ways because of his creator. That is one aspect of the story that hasn’t always been told in modern times since the feud between creator and creation is fairly important. 

3. Dwayne Johnson

It’s kind of hard to see Dwayne Johnson taking on a role like this unless it was tailored to his liking and presented in a way that was far more modern and perhaps given an entirely different look. If there are any stars that can do just about anything and make it appealing, Johnson is definitely one of them. He had kind of a rough start when he took on the role of the Scorpion King at first, but he managed to keep pushing forward and eventually became one of the greatest actors in show business. Giving a part like this to him feels as though it would be a challenge, but perhaps a welcome challenge. 

2. Dolph Lundgren

This is another odd choice really but it would be one made for a reason since Dolph Lundgren has become a little rough-looking as time has passed and after Creed II it’s kind of apparent that he might be able to take on a role like this and kill it without that much effort. He’s a big guy and he can look mean, so it’s very easy to think that he might be able to take on such a role and make it work in a very great way. Whether he would do it or not is kind of a question, but considering that he’s been staying fairly busy over the years it’s possible that he might at least consider it for a minute or two.

1. Nathan Jones

This guy might actually be kind of overkill when it comes to a role like this, or he could be perfect. Nathan Jones is a big man and he’s definitely solid. From his brief stint in the WWE to show business he’s been little more than impressive since he usually ends up playing very large, aggressive characters though it has been seen that he can be quiet and contemplative as well. Bringing him on for a role like this would definitely make this horror movie one of those that was high stakes since creating a beast like this would be absolutely insane. 

A big guy with enough acting talent could make this work pretty easily. 

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