5 Movies with Amazing Dialogue

5 Movies with Amazing Dialogue

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Dialogue plays a huge role in any movie since it can tank a feature or it can make a blockbuster depending on how great the chemistry is between the actors. When the dialogue is poor, it’s a little too obvious since there are halting moments that feel awkward and drawn out, and then there are moments when the dialogue feels forced and not at all natural. Granted, such moments can be purposeful and made to work within a movie. But great to amazing dialogue elevates a story in a manner that makes it even more enjoyable and leaves an impression on the audience that they won’t soon forget. Think about it this way, how many movies can you quote from memory? Why is that? It’s more likely that it’s because the dialogue was fun, engaging, and stuck in your mind because it was well-crafted and made a great deal of sense. If the dialogue fits in a movie, then people are bound to remember it. 

Here are five movies with amazing dialogue. 

5. The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski' is 20

credit: The Big Lebowski

The dialogue in this movie is kind of awkward now and then, but somehow it works because the whole premise is awkward, given that the Dude, Walter, and even Donny are an odd bunch that would take time for many people to get used to. But the level of chill that the Dude exhibits for much of this movie is infectious since one can’t help but sit back and enjoy this strange but fun feature as it manages to go off the rails more than once in ways that a lot of people couldn’t have predicted. Somehow everything comes together in a manner that works, even if it feels like it’s about spin out of control at any moment. 

4. Good Will Hunting

Matt Damon remembers Good Will Hunting costar Robin Williams | EW.com

credit: Good Will Hunting

Robin Williams built a reputation for being able to ad-lib and vibe with other actors, and it helped to elevate many of his movies over the years. Good Will Hunting created a rapport between the characters that worked off of their many faults and strengths and made this movie work in a way that many can agree was amazing. Watching Robin take on the role of a man that had little else in his life apart from his teaching was interesting since once he met Will, the titular character, it was discovered that his character was a lot deeper than some might have thought. The back and forth between Will and Sean was one of the best parts of the movie. 

3. Snatch

Crackle Greenlights 'Snatch' Series Inspired by Guy Ritchie Film – The  Hollywood Reporter

credit: Snatch

Some folks might state that because of Brad Pitt’s nearly unintelligible lines that this movie didn’t work for them, but the truth is that his style of speech helped this movie to work in a very convincing way. The dialogue was great throughout since it was often quick and snappy, and helps to convey what was going on and why each part of the movie is relevant to what was just witnessed. Some folks might still have questions about this movie, but the dialogue between each character was enough to make one assumption or another, and in the end, it’s not too hard to understand that somehow, it all comes together just as it should. 

2. From Dusk Till Dawn

When Worlds (and Genres) Collide: 'From Dusk Till Dawn' at 25 - Bloody  Disgusting

credit: From Dusk Till Dawn

I won’t beat around the bush with this one, George Clooney is the guy that made this movie what it was, and it’s because of the dynamic that his character, Seth Gecko, had with everyone else. He was a tough, no-nonsense individual that did have a heart, but he wasn’t about to let anyone take advantage of him. The only weakness he had was his brother, which was made obvious since while he was hard on him, Seth still managed to push past the worst things that Richie did. But the fact is that despite how tough he was, Seth was a little different with everyone he interacted with, and that helped make the movie easy to watch. 

1. The Breakfast Club


Breakfast Club, cast e trama film - Super Guida TV

credit: The Breakfast Club

Forgetting the fact that Molly Ringwald and Anthony Michael Hall were the only real teenagers on the set, the dynamic between this group and even Paul Gleason helped this movie to stand out as a classic. While some might want to say that this movie could never be made again (not with the same effect anyway), the truth is that those who look down their noses at this movie might be missing the point. This movie has aged just fine since the overall dialogue is great, and it’s easy for a lot of us to follow since it mirrors a time in which those of us from the older generations can recall as normal and not nearly as problematic as some people might like to think. 

Good to amazing dialogue goes a long way toward making a movie great. 

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