Missing Avengers Get Their Own Fan-Made Infinity War Poster

Missing Avengers Get Their Own Fan-Made Infinity War Poster

It seems like even in the movies some things aren’t quite equal. That’s okay though, a fan-made Infinity War poster has taken care of the Avengers that didn’t make the cut for the official poster. It’s kind of hard to imagine however that Hawkeye wouldn’t be in the poster since he’s been around since before Black Panther and Ant-Man and Wasp. You would think at this point any guy that’s survived the encounters he has would rate a spot on the official poster. After all he’s been there since the first movie and was even shown in the first Thor movie, so he’s been around and paid his dues. Ant-Man and the Wasp should merit a spot on the poster simply because back in the day they were two of the founding members of the Avengers, long before a lot of them finally came in. Just to remind everyone for yet another time the original Avengers were Iron Man, Hulk, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Thor. Captain America came around not too long after the group was started and assumed leadership. But the founding five were the originals, those that came together to defeat a common enemy in Loki, Thor’s half-brother.

So why wouldn’t Hawkeye get a seat at the table on the movie poster? Some people have been questioning his role on the team since he got here since let’s be honest he does use a weapon that’s not really as deadly as others, but he uses his weapon to great effect. The number of different arrows he has kind of makes up for his inability to do any massive damage like Thor or the Hulk, and he can’t fly around like Iron Man. He doesn’t have the strength of Captain America and he’s been shown to be less skilled than Black Panther and even Black Widow. But the guy is still great since so long as he has a full quiver he’s capable of dishing out some serious damage with those arrows, and from a long distance. Even without his bow he’s capable of going hand to hand with a lot of people, but then the drawback is if the opponent is tougher than he is or just that much more skilled. As an archer Hawkeye is difficult if not impossible to beat, but in hand to hand combat there are so many born fighters in the MCU that Hawkeye’s skill isn’t as impressive as it could be.

Still, he’s arguably one of the best heroes on the team since he does have a sound sense of tactics and he is able to move about the battlefield freely as he picks and choose his targets. Unlike the others he’s not much of a powerhouse and he can only affect the field so much, but also unlike the others he’s working with more severe limitations, which means he has to be a lot smarter, a lot craftier, and he can’t ever miss.

That’s why Hawkeye is just so awesome, he has to work against his limitations.


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