Guy Makes a Short Horror Movie About Being In The ‘Friendzone’ With A Girl

The term “friend zone” seems to be gaining popularity by the month.   I’m not sure if it’s played out yet but an increasing amount of memes and videos that explore this horrible place signify that we haven’t seen the last of this nightmarish term.   The “friend zone” is the place a male or female enters when they have a romantic interest in a person they are friends with and for the life of them can’t get that person to reciprocate the interest.   While one person really wants to take it to the next level of romance, the other is either completely oblivious to their friend’s interest in them or they just ignore it altogether.

Now matter which way you cut it, the friend zone is an awful place to be assuming you’re the one wanting things to get romantic.  Being in this place rarely ends well.  Either you tell them how you feel and they reciprocate or you tell them how you feel and your relationship is forever awkward afterwards or completely over.   Or you can just keep going along with it all and look like an idiot.

Or you can make a short film about how it’s a complete nightmare, like this guy did.

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