The Mindy Project Season 5: Mindy Confronts Danny, New Characters Debut in First Trailer

The Mindy Project Season 5

We’re less than a month away from premiere of The Mindy Project Season 5, and Hulu has finally released our first look at the new season of the sitcom. However, for a comedy, there’s not too many laughs in the opening moments of this trailer, especially if you’re still rooting for Mindy and Danny to work things out (for the record, I am), as our favorite doctor confronts her former fiancé after she finds his wedding invitation in her mail.

“What is wrong with you?” Mindy asks Danny before the scene cuts away to a new conversation between Mindy and Jody, in which she compares him to a “lumberjack in a porno.”

But it doesn’t seem like Danny and Jody will be the only two men romancing Mindy during Season 5. Bryan Greenberg makes his debut in the Mindy Project Season 5 trailer as a handsome nurse, and he appears to have some chemistry with Dr. Lahiri. Could there be even more competition for Mindy’s affections?

In addition to all that, the new trailer also showcases some great comedic moments from supporting characters like Morgan and Jeremy. Plus, it features another upcoming guest star, Nasim Pedrad (whose most recent credits include Scream Queens and New Girl), and the return of Adam Pally’s Peter.

The Mindy Project Season 5 will consist of 16 episodes and kicks off on Hulu on Tuesday, Oct. 4. Check out the trailer below: 

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