The Mindy Project Review: Worst Vacation Ever

The Mindy Project Review: Worst Vacation Ever

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Mindy takes an unexpected trip to visit Peter and Lauren in this week’s new episode of The Mindy Project. Trading the New York offices for a Texas mansion felt like we were also losing much of the humor of the show, along with the prospect of a serious new girlfriend in Danny’s life. Not a good sign at all.

It doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to imagine Mindy and Peter booking this trip for her to come visit him while they were both heavily intoxicated last time he was in town. Any excuse to buy time away from the Jody situation is welcome in my book though. What I wasn’t happy about was the possible new woman in Danny (and consequently Leo’s) life. Mindy was expecting Danny’s nanny when dropping Leo off for the week, not some hot new girl who has clearly been waiting to meet Danny’s son.

Distance be damned, the time away from home did nothing to calm Mindy’s nerves. She’s roped into Peter and Lauren’s marriage problems, complaining the whole time about how this is the worst vacation ever. Honestly it didn’t look like she left their house much at all to at least explore Austin. Maybe then she wouldn’t have been so bored.

Peter’s elaborate lie about quitting his job to sneak home and hang out with baby Henry was funny, especially since Lauren is so oblivious to pop culture to not catch on that all his stories about his co workers are Grey’s Anatomy plotlines. Stay-at-home dad Peter has a nice ring to it, and now that Lauren’s pregnant here’s to hoping Mindy books another visit down to help her best friend out once baby number 2 is born. She should even bring Leo next time.

A Morgan-less episode can never be a perfect one but I did crack up at the latest juicy story Mindy had to share about him. The city of New York is actually suing him for falling into a pothole. I fully expect the writers to follow through on that!

It’s definitely worth mentioning Mindy shopped in a Cloud 9 superstore while on her vacation in Austin. Superstore is a new NBC sitcom (renewed for a second season) set in a Cloud 9 store. I’m not sure if this was all one big winking coincidence or if it could possibly set the stage for a crossover. If you haven’t checked out Superstore yet, add that to your list of summer binges.

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