The Mindy Project Review: And the winner is…

The Mindy project

Love triangles are not all they’re cracked up to be. Forcing a character as strong as Mindy Lahiri to choose the lesser of two evils felt outrageous but unfortunately not unfamiliar to the overall theme of The Mindy Project. Of course she would think she has to decide between Danny and Jody because she feels her life is a romantic comedy but ultimately makes the smartest choice: herself.

Hours after being trapped in an elevator with Danny, Mindy finds his wedding invitation in her mail. She rightfully lets him have a piece of her mind but something about his reaction wasn’t very believable. I was only proven right when he later showed up at Mindy’s apartment to say he hadn’t talked to his fiance yet, nor would he unless and until he knew what this would mean for their future together. He actually had the nerve to ask Mindy if she’s willing to change. Oh my god. This is the last straw for Danny in my (and hopefully Mindy’s) eyes. They agree they love each other and that their chemistry is off the charts but they don’t belong together. She even adds that she doesn’t think he should get married, to which he replied he needs someone to take care of him since she won’t. After seeing how Jody reacted to Mindy’s decision, this breakup of sorts felt civil in comparison.

Jody was Mindy’s other prospect, if only because it was a one-sided crush on his part. She saw a fleeting potential of a future with him but that extra spark just wasn’t there. When she told him this after running over to his apartment in the rain, all she got was verbally criticized and shamed. He literally said he expected her to sleep with him after all the time and money he wasted on her because he thought she was interested in him. Plus he flat out said he can’t be friends with her anymore. I guess they were never friends in the first place if that was his goal all along. Yelling out his window to warn all the passersby on the street to stay away from her was taking it too far. Disgusting and so uncalled for. She was vulnerable and honest and did not deserve that.

Morgan, Jeremy, Collette, Tamra, and especially Beverly all had great moments in the episode as well. Morgan’s ill-fitting and super expensive brown suit is a sight to behold for sure. Admittedly Beverly has ulterior motives to get Mindy to co-sign a boat loan for her when she ends up dishing out some wise advice regarding her decision between Danny and Jody. It’s rare we get a genuine moment like that from Beverly. Without her I’m confident Mindy would have come to the same conclusion on her own, only maybe after losing sleep and stressing out unnecessarily.

Do you agree with Mindy’s decision or does it feel like a step back? With all the maturation we’ve seen Mindy go through since season 1, this feels similar to single Mindy but we know for a fact she’s not as careless as she once was. She’s putting her role as a mother first by keeping her relationship with Danny as civil as possible under the circumstances.

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