10 Things You Didn’t Know about Michelle Yeoh

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Michelle Yeoh

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh has almost 40 years of professional acting experience on her resume. Throughout her career, she has become an international star thanks to her role in movies like Tomorrow Never Dies, Crazy Rich Asians, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Michelle has proven that she can play a wide range of characters and her ability to entertain is universal. Not only does she already have a lot of impressive credits to her name, but she is already booked all the way through 2028. She has roles in several upcoming projects such as The School for Good and Evil and the remainder of the Avatar franchise. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Michelle Yeoh.

1. She Is A Trained Ballet Dancer

Acting is what Michelle has become known all over the world for, but dancing was her first love. She began taking ballet lessons when she was about 4-years-old. She attended the Royal Academy of Dance in London where she majored in ballet. Sadly, she suffered a spinal injury that left her unable to complete the program. She on to study creative arts and drama.

2. She Does A Lot Of Her Own Stunts

Michelle has been in several action movies during her career, and she has become known for doing many of her own stunts. Even though she has been injured several times over the years, she’s always enjoyed doing the stunts. Her ballet training has come in handy in giving her some of the stunt skills she needs.

3. She Loves Spending Time Outdoors

Even though she’s an obvious natural in the spotlight, Michelle still enjoys her time away from all of the chaos of the entertainment industry. Being outside is one of her favorite things to do and she enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including hiking and boating.

4. She Started Her Own Production Company

Michelle isn’t just in tune with the creative aspect of entertainment, she’s also all about her business. She started a production company called Mythical Films, however, it’s unclear if the company is still active. We weren’t able to find a website or any other online presence.

5. She Speaks 3 Languages

When you work in an international industry like entertainment, it’s always nice to be able to speak more than one language. Michelle has the ability to speak three. She is fluent in English, Malay, and Cantonese. She learned to speak English and Malay before learning Cantonese.

6. She Was A Pageant Queen

Michelle’s good looks certainly haven’t gone unnoticed and they’ve even earned her a lot of attention. In 1983, she was crowned Miss Malaysia. That same year, she went to Australia where she competed in and won other pageants including Miss Moomba and Queen of the Pacific.

7. She Is Buddhist

Michelle was born into a Buddhist family and she continues to practice Buddhism today. Her faith and spirituality are very important parts of her life. During an interview with Lions Roar, Michelle said, “Buddhist philosophy grounds you as a person. Every one of us, we are always seeking.”

8. She Loves Giving Back To Others

Throughout her career, Michelle has used her voice to help raise awareness to the causes that are important to her. She has been vocal about women’s rights and has always worked to inspire and empower other women. She has also been involved in several initiatives to help people in need. Michelle told Lions Roar, “It’s very important to appreciate and enjoy what you have, and to share it with others. In Hollywood, you have this very glamorous life, but how do you find balance? You can’t always be materialistic. The spiritual side is the one that balances you and helps you understand that it’s not about the bigger car, the bigger house, or the bigger role. You’re always chasing something. You have to find something.”

9. She Likes To Travel

Michelle has an adventurous spirit and she loves to explore new places whenever she gets the chance. Thanks to her career, she has to visit places all over the world. She loves to travel and has been to several countries including France and New Zealand. No matter where she goes, she loves to get out and see the natural scenery.

10. She Has Won Several Awards

Acting can often be a thankless job, but Michelle has been fortunate to get lots of praise during her career. She has earned several awards and she likely has even more on the way. Some of the awards she’s won so far include a 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award  at the ASEAN International Film Festival.

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