Dakota Fanning: Winning Awards Since She Was Eight

Dakota Fanning: Winning Awards Since She Was Eight

Dakota Fanning is a young and impressive actress, born on 23 February 1994 in Georgia, United States. Her family is filled with interesting hobbies and talents, and maybe that’s why the actress is so exceptional in her acting. Heather Joy Arrington, mother of Dakota, was a professional tennis player, while Steven J. Fanning, the husband to Heather, played Minor League Baseball and later on worked as an electronics salesman in Los Angeles, California. Her sister Mary Elle Fanning is also an actress.

Dakota Fanning: Winning Awards Since She Was Eight

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To add to the list, her maternal grandfather, Rick Arrington, is a former American football player, while her aunt, Jill Arrington, is a former ESPN reporter.

Who Is Dakota Fanning?

At a very young age of seven, Dakota Fanning became noticed for her performance as Lucy Dawson in the drama film I Am Sam. The youngster did not stop there, knowing very well that the sky was the limit. After her triumphant performance in the drama film, the actress played significant roles in films such as Uptown Girls, The Cat in the Hat, Man on Fire, and many more exciting and mind-blowing films.

In 2004, when Dakota Fanning appeared in the violent thriller Man on Fire alongside Denzel Washington, she made a statement later on saying how she loved working with the icon. “I loved every minute of it,” she said,  “I couldn’t wait to see him every day. He is one of the best actors in the world, and I love observing him.” A truly humbling learning experience for the beautiful actress.

Dakota Fanning: Winning Awards Since She Was Eight

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Another film that made her more famous was War of the Worlds. Here, she got to play the daughter of A-list Hollywood actor Tom Cruise. After all four successful premiers, Dakota received excellent reviews making her among the youngest inspirations in Hollywood.

Dakota Fanning’s Personal Life

Like the queen she is, the young star was twice voted homecoming queen before graduating from Campbell Hall School in Studio City, California. She attended the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University, where she majored in women’s studies, focusing on the portrayal of women in film and culture.

Dakota Fanning: Winning Awards Since She Was Eight

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Wins and Awards

Dakota Fanning, although young, has had several accomplishments in her 28 years of life. In 2002, when she was only eight, she brought home two awards, and if that is not impressive, then I don’t know what is. She was awarded a Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer and Satellite Special Achievement Award for Outstanding New Talent. Two years later, in 2005, she was awarded the MTV Movie & TV Award for Most Frightened Performance. In 2006, she won the BFCA Critics’ Choice Award for Best Young Actress, as she starred in the movie War of the Worlds. Last but surely not least for the sensation, in 2007, she won the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Movie Actress.

Net Worth of Dakota Fanning

As young as she is, the American actress has a net worth of $12 million. She started off acting at a young age and slowly rose to fame. As she grew older, she started working in more mature roles, including movies like Hounddog and the Twilight Saga.

Dakota Fanning: Winning Awards Since She Was Eight

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Dakota Fanning’s Love Life

The young actress has never been married. Instead, she has been in several relationships, and I bet we’re all waiting for the day when she’ll walk down the aisle.

The American actress is currently in a relationship with Henry Frye. The two began dating in 2017, and a few photos have been captured of the couple at different events. Dakota and Henry have been together for five years and counting.

In her earlier relationships, before Henry Frye, Dakota Fanning dated Logan Markley from 2016 to 2017, Jamie Strachan from 2013 to 2016, Freddie Highmore in 2009, and Cameron Bright from 2009 to 2012.

Interesting Facts about Dakota Fanning

In the 2001 film I Am Sam, Dakota Fanning landed the role of Sean Penn’s daughter. Her incredible performance earned her the historic Screen Actors Guild nomination when she was just seven years old. This nomination makes her the youngest person ever to be nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award.

Her first kissing scene was in the movie Sweet Home Alabama 2002, with actor Thomas Curtis.

Dakota Fanning: Winning Awards Since She Was Eight

Credit: @dakotafanning

Dakota Fanning and Elle Fanning

Born on 9 April 1998 in Conyers, Georgia, United States, Mary Elle Fanning is the younger version of Dakota Fanning. She made her film debut as the younger version of her sister.

Despite the bond the duo share, they have never worked together on-screen. Before the coronavirus pandemic, the duo was due to start filming the World War II movie The Nightingale, but the future’s project remains unspoken of. Patiently, the sisters are waiting for another collaboration. Good things take time, right?

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