Mia Khalifa: 7 Fun Facts Her Instagram Photos Reveals About Her

Mia Khalifa: 7 Fun Facts Her Instagram Photos Reveals About Her

Mia Khalifa is famous (and/or infamous) for her career as a pornographic film actress. Although her pornographic film career didn’t last long, she remains one of the most popular names in the industry. Khalifa’s fame came with its fair share of controversies and criticism. With the backlash that came from the career, Khalifa walked away after a few months and found work as a bookkeeper and paralegal.

Over the years, Khalifa has built a social media presence and is known as a media personality. However, it isn’t Khalifa’s rise to fame that has left many of her admirers and followers in awe of her, but her seeming ability to have turned her tragedy into triumph. Here’s a look at Mia Khalifa‘s life and career, as well as her top 10 hottest Instagram pics.

Mia Khalifa’s Early Life

Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa is a Lebanese-American, born in Beirut, Lebanon, on February 10, 1993. Khalifa was born into a Catholic home and raised in a conservative home. As a young child, she was enrolled in a French-language private school, where she learned to speak French and English. However, she moved with her family to the United States in 2000. Like many High School students, Khalifa was involved in sports. Her sport of choice was Lacrosse. However, she was bullied because of her skin color. With the September 11 attacks, things only got worse.

She Worked Odd Jobs To Support Herself

Mia Khalifa pic

After graduating from Massanutten Military Academy in Woodstock, Virginia, Khalifa had her sights on getting a degree. She studied Arts in History at the University of Texas at El Paso, graduating with a bachelor’s degree. To make ends meet, Khalifa worked as a model, a bartender, and was one of the briefcase girls on a local Spanish game show styled like Deal or No Deal.

When the opportunity came to work in the porn industry, Khalifa didn’t have much going on for her in her life. She states she was approached by a producer who handed her his business card, while she was walking on the street. After thinking it over for about 2 weeks, she decided to give it a try. What she never envisaged was that she’ll become the most-searched-for adult film actress in the world.

Mia Khalifa’s Career As A Sports Commentator

Mia Khalifa

It was surprising for many when she was named as the co-host of Complex News’ YouTube channel sports talk show, Out of Bounds in 2017. Khalifa co-hosted the show with Gilbert Arenas, former American professional basketball player. However, many who knew Khalifa beyond her career as a former adult film actress, knew she loves sports. As much as she looked to have a fruitful career as a sports commentator, it was short-lived with the negative comments she received. She left in 2018.

Khalifa was hired on another sports show as a co-host on Rooster Teeth’s Sportsball. She co-hosted alongside Tyler Coe. Khalifa stayed on the show until its final episode in October 2018. She briefly dabbled into acting, playing herself in season 2 of Hulu comedy-drama Ramy (2020). More recently, Mia Khalifa co-founded a jewelry and bodywear line, Sheytan, with Sara Burn.

Mia Khalifa’s Social Media Is Part of Her Empire

Mia Khalifa

Due to her popularity, it comes as no surprise that Mia Khalifa’s social media platforms draw in millions of fans. On Instagram, her account has over 20 million followers and continues to grow. Khalifa shares glimpses of personal life, photoshoots, and more on her account, including some of her hottest photos; several of which can be found below:

Mia Khalifa Is Not Afraid to Be Herself in the Spotlight

Mia Khalifa

With the attention that comes with a life in the spotlight, it is easy for celebrities to curate a seemingly perfect life. However, Khalifa’s social media shows her hanging out and spending time with friends. Though  it showcases a seemingly authentic look into the entertainer’s life, her content isn’t exactly “safe-for-work.”

Mia Khalifa Is Also a Model

Mia Khalifa

It is not surprising that Khalifa is also a model. In the age of social media, what better place to flaunt your modeling photos than on Instagram? Which is why fans can find some of Mia Khalifa’s best modeling photos on her Instagram page.

She Loves the Water

Mia Khalifa

As evidenced by her Instagram profile, Mia Khalifa enjoys lounging by pools and hanging out by the beach. Beyond her poolside and beachside escapades, she is often seen in exotic locations. All of which makes the perfect backdrop for her photos.

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