Memorable Scenes From “Liar Liar” (1997)

Memorable Scenes From “Liar Liar” (1997)

At this time, Jim Carrey was at the peak of his career. He was undoubtedly one of the most (if not the most) sought-after comedians in Hollywood. Liar Liar would be the second film Jim Carrey worked on with film director Tom Shadyac. Their first collaboration, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994), was a smashing success, grossing $107.2 million at the box office on a $15 million budget.

So, when production started for Liar Liar, there were expectations for success. And boy, it did not disappoint! The movie was critically acclaimed, with critics praising Carrey’s exceptional performance. Liar Liar grossed $302.7 million with a budget of $45 million.

As a recap of one of Jim Carrey’s high-grossing movies, here are the top scenes from Liar Liar.

A Loving Father

Max and Fletcher

Credit: Liar Liar

It was a good way to start the movie. Jim Carrey’s character, Fletcher Reede, maybe a lot of things, but he loves his son, Max (Justin Cooper). Fletcher is divorced from Max’s mother, Audrey (Maura Tierney). Fletcher is also a pretty successful lawyer in Los Angeles.

Whenever he makes out time, Fletcher goes all out to tease and tickle his son. He invented “The Claw,” a hand gesture he makes before proceeding to tickle his son. However, Fletcher is overly committed to his career and has little time for his son.

Max Makes a Wish


Credit: Liar Liar

Max was overly excited, waiting for his father to come for his birthday. As usual, Fletcher disappoints. His senior partner at the firm, Miranda, offers him a promotion if he has sex with her. Not one to pass on any opportunity for career growth, Fletcher chose to spend time with Miranda and forgot about Max’s birthday.

Max is disappointed and tired of his father’s compulsive lying and disappointments. So, Max makes a wish that his father would be unable to tell a lie for a full day. As though the universe was fed up with Fletcher’s lifestyle, the wish was immediately granted.

A Bad Day at Work

Fletcher and Samantha

Credit: Liar Liar

As much as we recognize lying as bad, being unable to tell a lie can actually be frustrating. For a compulsive liar like Fletcher, his world has turned upside down. First, he gets dumped by his office love interest Miranda. Apparently, she’s not taken by his honesty about the intricacies of the promotional sex.

Then Greta, his office secretary, is disappointed when she finds out Fletcher does care about justice as long as he wins a case. But, with Samantha Cole’s divorce case hearing scheduled for that day, Fletcher is unable to lie in court or ask for a postponement.

Samantha Cole is an adulterous wife seeking a divorce and a settlement. Unable to lie his way around to favor his client, Fletcher decides to stick to the truth. Using the law against itself, Fletcher argues Samantha was a minor when she signed the marriage’s prenuptial agreement. Therefore, without parental consent, the prenup should be void.

With the prenup being void, Samantha is entitled to 50% of the couple’s assets, roughly $11 million. Satisfied with his argument, Fletcher is shocked when Samantha tells the judge to add an extra $10,000 monthly child support payment. A disappointed Fletcher causes a scene as he is reprimanded for contempt of court.

Fletcher Chases After Max


Credit: Liar Liar

Leave it to Jim Carrey to find crazy ways to try to stop a moving plane. With Audrey and Max already on the plane to Boston, Fletcher finds a mobile stairway and uses it to chase the moving plane. Seeing his chase is not enough to stop the plane; he throws his shoes at it. Whichever got the attention of the pilot, the plane came to a stop.

Not one to think about the end from the beginning, Jim Carrey’s character falls to the ground when the mobile stairway crashes. Audrey and Max disembark from the plane to meet with Fletcher. A remorseful Fletcher pleads with Max to stay with him in New York, vowing to spend more time with him.

He tells Max it’s been over a day and his wish no longer has a hold on him. Max, realizing his dad is telling the truth, believes him.

Another Birthday Wish?

Fletcher and Audrey

Credit: Liar Liar

On Max’s next birthday, Audrey and Fletcher are by his side as promised. They tell Max to make a wish and blow out his candles. When Max raises his head after making a wish, he sees his parents kissing.

To ensure he’s not under another spell, Fletcher asks Max if his wish is for his parents to get back together. Max says he only wished for rollerblades.

It’s one of those things we’ll never know!Jim Carrey’sMaura Tierney

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