Melrose Place 1.15 “Mulholland” Recap

New resident Drew made his presence known in a lot of the storylines this week, while Amanda found a new target to sharpen her nails on and relationships crumbled faster than a recovering addict in a meth lab.

The Set Up

The tenants of Melrose Place are enjoying their lives in various ways. Ella comes home to a candlelit dinner courtesy of Jonah. Ella calls it “very domestic”. Hmm… Drew is winning over the staff of the hospital much to Lauren’s ire, but she is warmed by the special appearance of David bringing her dinner at the hospital. Aw.

Riley and Ben leave the fundraiser where Riley’s idea for the school was discussed and Riley seemingly made a great impression with the people at the gala. So good of an impression that Ben thinks it’s a good idea to kiss Riley. Um… doesn’t he know Amanda is at home waiting for him?

Lauren and David

Lauren is kind of perturbed that David brought her lunch, but only because we know that Michael wants Lauren to can it with his son as a form of revenge. David tries to lighten things up by announcing that he is about to try and purchase Coal, but this doesn’t work. Lauren tries to explain but is interrupted by an emergency call. David later asks Drew if Lauren has seemed stressed around the hospital, but Drew basically says who isn’t being stressed at a hospital? David grows worried.

Meanwhile, David finds out from Mason (Rick Fox) that Coal is worth $2.2 million and that the last day to buy is the next day. David, although being a trust fund kid, does NOT have the money! What is a guy to do? Hmmm…

Later on, David has come to the conclusion that Lauren knows that he’s hiding something, which he feels explains her growing distance. So David dumps the messy Noah issue on Lauren, unknowingly giving her not only a reason for Michael’s insanity, but a Get Out of Jail Free card to make it easy for her to break up with him. She does tell him that it’s not the paternity issue that is to blame, but that they are on two different paths in life. How pathetic is that?

So what does David do? He returns to thieving to get the money to purchase Coal, setting his sights on a diamond ring worth a lot of moolah, which would be enough to purchase the club. When David breaks into the place and grabs the ring, he doesn’t expect it to be guarded by a beautiful blonde bombshell named Morgan (Melissa Ordway), the daughter of the ring owner. But Morgan is more like a cat who has found her prey than a screaming bloody murder type gal. She tosses David the ring and tells him to leave, but that he owes her his body in return. Holy Seduction, Batman!

Back at the hospital, Lauren freaks when Drew makes a crack about being a medic in the day and selling his body for sex at night. She later talks to Riley about the breakup and the two discuss work and relationships and how things tend to get complicated. Drew later visits and Lauren tells him about the break up as well. He decides to take her and Riley out for drinks.

When the three of them get to Coal, they meet up with Jonah, Ella and David, who has good news: he successfully purchased Coal. Everyone is thrilled, but Lauren wonders how David paid for the club, which he lies about spending all his money on the place. Lauren knows something is up, but doesn’t say anything.

The night ends with Morgan waiting for David at his place and she has come to collect her payment. David obliges. Wow.

Riley, Amanda, and Ben

Riley freaks about the kiss and fears for her job. Too late for that, toots. Ben calms her nerves by declaring that they not let a little faux pas affect their professional relationship. Then the next time we see him, he dumps Amanda.

Queen Amanda takes the breakup as Amanda Woodward could only do: with confident one-liners on the surface, anger in the inside and some espionage on the side. Meanwhile, Amanda bombards her way into David’s apartment one evening and notices a painting on the wall. David says it was a gift from Sydney that she painted, but Amanda doesn’t buy that for a second.

Later at Ben’s office, Riley meets with Ben, who immediately wants to talk personal business rather than business. He reveals that he broke up with Amanda, because she is selfish and that he needs someone caring. Whatever. Riley falls for this crap and allows for a second kiss to happen just as someone starts snapping photos from an undisclosed area.

Amanda meets with her henchman and they discuss swiping the painting from David’s pad and the possibility that Sydney might’ve painted over it to hide the painting Amanda has been looking for. Then the henchman drops off the goods, which are the photos of Riley and Ben. Amanda immediately initiates a target on Riley’s back.

After talking to Lauren about Ben, Riley is shocked to find Amanda at her door with an envelope. She’s gonna wish Amanda had a revolver when the Queen of Mean finishes with her. After Amanda reveals the pictures, she warns Riley that she screwed the pooch when she decided to cross her and hell will be paid.

Riley takes the pics to Ben, who takes them as a joke. Riley rants about how she was wrong for crossing Amanda after the woman helped her get a job, but Ben doesn’t give a damn and wants to basically screw. Riley tries to be professional and end the relationship with Ben, but he refuses to assign someone else with her on the fundraising venture. So Riley says she will find the funds herself, because she is better than that. Go head, Riley!

Later, Amanda gets a hold of the painting and tries to remove the paint from it only to discover that it is actually a Sydney Andrews original. DRATS!!! She angrily trashes the painting. Amanda is getting fed up yall…

Ella and Jonah

After some desert (aka SEX), Ella is thrilled when Jonah invites her to attend his agent’s son’s birthday party, not as his publicist, but as his date. When they get to the party, they realize that it’s a dog party and not a celebration for a human being. Jonah reaches for Ella’s hand to signify their couplehood, but she isn’t used to the whole ‘holding hands’ thing. Then Jonah introduces her as his girlfriend and she wigs again. What the hell?

Ella spots a power agent and plans to snag him for Jonah. Meanwhile, Drew just so happens to be in the band playing music. Jonah lets slip to Drew that he doesn’t know if Ella is THE girlfriend yet, before he is snatched away to a quick chance meeting about a screenwriting job. Later, Jonah sees Ella “flirting” with the agent she spotted earlier and Jonah immediately gets defensive… and possessive. This does not sit well with Ella, who finally erupts about Jonah suffocating her, which leads to an argument ending in Ella proclaiming that if Jonah’s smothering is what coupledom is then count her out. I knew Ella was always meant to be a playerette.

Drew rightfully tells Jonah that Ella is not like Riley and that to keep her, he needs to take a different approach. After getting the call from David at Coal, Ella and Jonah meet up and talk things out and all is well between them… for now.

Melrose Place Community Letter

– Show of hands for those who feel that Drew is Melrose Place‘s answer to 90210‘s Teddy? The guy is like the all knowing resident who gets along with everyone. I need some dirt and stat!

– Who the hell is Morgan? I want to put a bet out that she is Ben’s daughter, but I am more certain that I would lose said bet.

– I don’t see Ella and Jonah lasting long, because you can’t learn new tricks over night and neither seem to be the patient type.

Sorry for the late review. Blame life, work, and LOST, which all screwed me royally this week. I love this gig and I love bringing you the business that is Melrose Place so don’t leave me floating dead in a pool…

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